AutoCAD command, synthesize some basic drawing commands when used in Auto Cad

AutoCAD command, synthesize some basic drawing commands when used in Auto Cad

AutoCAD is a CAD software application to draw 2D Vector techniques or 3D surfaces that are widely used. However, to save time and work more efficiently, using the commands in AutoCAD is what many people aim for. The following articles are the most basic commands in AutoCAD.

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AutoCad is a professional 2D and 3D graphic design software that helps Designer to design and shape objects around. Memorizing the sentences AutoCad command Help Designer do the job quickly and accurately. Below we will give you the sentences Basic commands in AutoCAD.

All files in AutoCAD

Autocad command, synthesize some shortcut commands in AutoCAD

Link to download the latest Autocad:

=> Link download AutoCAD for Windows

=> See more instructions for downloading and installing AutoCAD latest here.

Summary of basic commands in AutoCAD

A. The AutoCAD command group draws the basic shape.

1. L – Lin: Line drawing command
2. Pl – Polyline: Draw commands for polyline drawing (consecutive lines)
3. Rec – Rectang: Command to draw a rectangle
4. C – Circle: Command to draw a circle
5. Pol – Polygon: Commands to draw regular polygons
6. El – Ellipse: Command to draw an ellipse
7. A – Arc: The command to draw the arc

B. The AutoCad command group draws dimension lines.

1. D – Dimension: Manage commands and style line dimensions
2. Dli – Dimlinear: CAD command records vertical or horizontal dimensions
3. Dal – Dimaligned: Note the size of the skewer
4. Dan – Dimangular: Indicate the corner dimensions
5.Dra – Dimradius: Record the radius size
6. Ddi – DimDiameter: AutoCAD command records the diameter size
7. Dco – Dimcontinue: Record serial size
8. Dba- Dimbaseline: Record parallel dimensions

C. Group of commands managed by AutoCAD.

1. La – Layer: Layer adjustment management
2. Se – Settings: AutoCAD command to manage the current drawing settings
3. Op – Options: Manage default settings

D. Group Shortcuts in AutoCAD copy, move, zoom in and out …

1. Co, Cp – Copy: Copy the object
2. M – Move: AutoCAD command to move the object
3. Ro – Rorate: Rotate the object
4. P – Pan: Move the view in the model (can use the mouse wheel to hold)
5. Z – Zoom: Zoom in and out of sight

autocad is available for new users
You do not need to memorize the autocad commands above by memorizing it, but remember some of the main commands and use it often to form habits and quick reflexes. Also you can Install AutoCAD font, type Vietnamese in AutoCAD to be able to write Vietnamese more easily.


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