Auto Collage Studio - Collage photos into a simple, beautiful frame

Auto Collage Studio – Collage photos into a simple, beautiful frame

Collage photos into frames is an operation that many users use to create beautiful pictures, to keep memories. And also a lot of software to help you do this. In the limit of this article, ElectrodealPro will guide you how to combine photos into a simple and beautiful frame with Auto Collage Studio.

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Auto Collage Studio provides you with many preset frames and unique effects to help you create more vivid and eye-catching photos. This is a useful and easy-to-use photo collage tool chosen by many users, especially for those who like to take pictures and edit them to post on their personal pages. Here we will guide you how to stitch photos into the frame with this software, follow along

Instructions for stitching photos into frames with Auto Collage Studio

Step 1: Download and install Auto Collage Studio on the computer

Step 2: After the installation is complete, launch the program up with the interface as shown below. Click File ->Open (or Ctrl + O) to open a photo file to merge the picture into the frame.

Step 3: In the Open window that appears, select the photo you want to combine the photo into the frame and click Open

Step 4: In the item Templates Provide frame templates available for each theme, you can choose the right theme:

– Classic Frames: Basic framework
– Monitors And TV: Screen and TV
– City: City theme
– Cards: Theme Card
– Misc:
– Modern Style: Modern style

Step 5: After choosing the appropriate Templates theme, choose a template in the right column by double-clicking on it. The result column to the left of the image is merged into the frame you just selected.

Step 6: Insert Clip Art In the image: In the Clip Art section, choose a template and click Add this image to add to the photo. Then use the mouse to move to a suitable position on the image.

Step 7: Write text on the photo: Click on the item Add Caption, opens a window that allows you to write text, you can customize Font, font size, format and color. Once finished press OK to close the dialog box. Use the mouse to move the text just written to a suitable position on the image.

Step 8: After you are done joining the frame and feel satisfied, you can save the photo by clicking File. Then choose:

– Save (Ctrl + S): Save the created photo over the original image
– Save As …: Save the created image to another file

– If you choose Save As … A window appears, choose a folder to save the file, name the image and click Save

And here are the results after stitching the photo into the frame
Above, we have instructed you how to stitch photos simply with Auto Collage Studio software. Also, you can refer and use 1 in Top 5 photo collage software The most beautiful such as: PhotoShine, Photo Collage Maker is available in ElectrodealPro


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