Autism: Bleu Network, a networking platform for parents and professionals

Autism: Bleu Network, a networking platform for parents and professionals

Their second child was just under two years old when the diagnosis ofautism has been asked. Their lives changed overnight. Far from giving up, they did everything they could to make life easier for their autistic child and theirs, but also those of all other families facing the same problem.

Bleu Network, the platform that meets everyone’s needs

Blue Network is for parents, to the families, to the accompanying, to the professionals… In order to meet everyone’s needs and put the different interlocutors in touch.

So there is a phone book which lists the resource centers, the associations, the hobbies in each region of France. A employment area for professionals to offer their skills or foremployers can recruit the staff they need. To keep up to date with everything that is going onautism, the latest news is also available.

The iregistration to this platform is completely free for families and specialized workers. However, in the long term, it will pay off for recruiters. A very nice initiative on the part of this Lyonnais couple who will help many families. Thank you.

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