Fire, smoke rising from the town of Tal Abyad, Syria, where suffered the Turkish attack on 10/10. Photo: AFP.
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Turkish economic risk plunged because of the adventure in Syria

Turkey's gradually recovering economy risks falling again because of a military campaign in northeastern Syria. A year ago, the Turkish lira experienced a crisis when it lost nearly 30% of its value, partly due to US sanctions and tariffs. President Donald Trump then launched these sanctions to pressure Ankara to release Andrew Brunson, an American […]

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These ‘best-in-class’ apps are the winners of Google’s 2019 Material Design Awards

Google’s Material Design language has been around for more than five years now, allowing the search giant to spread the love across its entire catalog of popular Android apps, from the likes of Gmail, YouTube, and Maps to Google Opinion Rewards just a few months back. But the company has also been making excellent progress […]

Sforum - Redmi-K20-Pro-DxoMark latest technology information page How many points does DxOMark's 3 rear cameras get?
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How many points does DxOMark's rear camera cluster have 3 points on DxOMark?

After a long time of launch, DxOmark recently announced the points of Redmi K20 Pro smartphone. Although not appreciated for the camera, the score of this device is quite impressive. Specifically, the overall camera score of the Redmi K20 Pro is 102, of which the score for still photography is 108, and the video recording […]

Sforum - Xiaomi's latest technology information page Mi-Note-se-turning-tro-hybrid-1 Xiaomi may soon bring the Mi Note series back
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Xiaomi may soon bring the Mi Note series back

Back in June, Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun clarified their product line strategy in the future. Accordingly, Xiaomi CEO affirmed that Mi smartphone brand will continue to focus on high-performance products combined with the latest innovations and features. The Redmi brand will focus on affordable and affordable performance smartphones. The post also confirms that the Mi […]

Boeing and Porsche are working together to develop a "flying electric car"
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Boeing and Porsche are working together to develop a "flying electric car"

According to the latest news, Boeing of America and Porsche of Germany are cooperating to produce an electric motor vehicle, with the ability to take off vertically (VTOL – vertical takeoff and landing, like that F35 Lightning II). Engineers from the two companies will collaborate and produce a prototype flying car for testing, based on […]