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2021.07.12. 7,326 reads "unique pose" BMW Online Limited Edition released…Motor desk 7 from 60.8 million won


Good morning. Motor desk.

BMW announced that it will launch online on the 13th and 15th at 2:06 pm on the 13th and 15th, including the ‘New X2 M35i First Edition’, ‘New 840i xDrive Coupe Golden Thunder Edition’, and ‘New M135i xDrive First Edition’ as a limited edition in July.

The new M135i xDrive First Edition is divided into a 1 series model and an M performance model, and is limited to 35 and 49 units. The new M135i xDrive First Edition is 60.8 million won, The new M135i xDrive Fest Edition is priced at 69.3 million won.

New M135i xDrive First Edition

In these two models, the kidney grille, mirror caps and tailpipes, which can be called the symbol of BMW, are finished with black high gloves, and 19-inch M double-spoke 552 M wheels are mounted. The exterior color is BMW Individual Storm Bay.

Advanced convenience features such as BMW gesture control function, electric tailgate and Harman Kardon audio system have been applied. In this model To commemorate the domestic launch of the new M135i xDrive First Edition, Active Cruise Control with ‘Stop & Go’ function limited to the 2021 model year is provided as standard.

The powertrain of both models is an M Twin Power Turbo 4-cylinder gasoline engine and an 8-speed Steptronic automatic transmission, which produces a maximum output of 306 horsepower and a maximum torque of 45.9 kg.m. The time it takes to accelerate from 0 km/h to 100 km/h is The new M135i xDrive First Edition takes 4.7 seconds, The new M135i Fest Edition is 4.9 seconds.

New 840i xDrive Coupe Golden Thunder Edition

The new 840i xDrive Coupe Golden Thunder Edition will be released on the 13th at 2:06 PM. This model is a rare model as it is limited to 220 units worldwide. In Korea, only 10 units will be sold this month. The price is 146.6 million won.

The exterior is a matte frozen black color, and the 20-inch Y-spoke wheels for the side Golden Thunder Edition, side mirror covers, and rear spoiler are finished in gold color.

The M Twin Power Turbo in-line 6-cylinder gasoline engine is applied to produce a maximum output of 340 horsepower and a maximum torque of 51 kg.m. Zero to hundred is 4.7 seconds. The 8-speed Steptronic sports automatic transmission and the all-wheel drive system xDrive are applied.

New M440i xDrive Coupe Online Exclusive

The new M440i xDrive Coupe Online Exclusive model is priced at 84.1 million won, and the rear spoiler of the same color as the exterior color and 19-inch double-spoke 792M wheels are applied.

It features M adaptive suspension, M technology package and cooling system. The new M440i xDrive Coupe Online Exclusive model is equipped with an M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder gasoline engine, an 8-speed Steptronic sports automatic transmission and BMW xDrive, BMW’s intelligent all-wheel drive system. It takes 4.5 seconds to reach 100 km/h from standstill.



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“Stranger Lovers” comment is polarized, the suspense atmosphere is strong, and the director’s dazzling skills are a little confused

#Stranger #Lovers #comment #polarized #suspense #atmosphere #strong #directors #dazzling #skills #confused

“Stranger Lovers” is an emotional suspense drama directed by Huang Tianren, director of “Want to See You”. The latter has a high score on Douban, but this romantic suspense drama “Stranger Lovers” starring Song Qian and Ou Hao has just begun to let the audience See the clouds in the mist.

In order to create a sense of suspense, Huang Tianren uses flashbacks and interspersed narratives in the narrative, making the audience feel like falling into the fog. They don’t understand what happened between Huo Youze played by Ou Hao and Luo Qianyi played by Song Qian? What I saw at first was that Luo Qianyi stabbed Huo Youze, and then an avalanche occurred in Japan. Luo Qianyi lost her memory and had a facelift. After returning to China, Luo Qianyi could not play the violin. After all, she is a genius violinist. What did Huo Youze do to Luo Qianyi?

It is this narrative technique that makes the audience questionable. The violinist is Luo Qianyi, and the cast reveals the secret, Song Qian plays two roles, and another character is Song Xiaodong. The editor believes that Luo Qianyi is an artist, but Song Xiaodong is not. She is the face changer who later replaced Luo Qianyi. So she didn’t know the dog raised by the two, let alone know how to play the violin.

Luo Qianyi’s personality is elegant, and Song Xiaodong’s personality is stubborn, so Victoria Song has played different roles in two short episodes of TV dramas. If you don’t understand the plot, you may think Song Qian’s acting skills are problematic. After that, she became very stubborn and her personality was completely different from Luo Qianyi. In fact, she was not Luo Qianyi, but Song Xiaodong.

Huo Youze didn’t want Luo Qianyi to be too popular, so he imprisoned or killed her, and then found Song Xiaodong who looked like Luo Qianyi to play her, and then used the avalanche to cause an accident to transform Song Xiaodong into Luo Qianyi.

The above are all speculations, and in the end, the plot of the show will prevail.

Victoria Song started to become popular from “King Love”, and later starred in “The Next Stop Is Happiness” and became the goddess of the golden eagle. This time, she was chosen to star in “Stranger Lovers” because the director might have liked her literary temperament. Although Ou Hao is very masculine, he looks very gloomy and still feels a bit bad. This is the second time for the two of them to cooperate. The first time was to star in the TV series “Shanyue Don’t Know My Heart”. The two of them have a good sense of CP, especially the kiss scene.

As a suspense drama, the logic must be clear, otherwise it will be easy to go astray and become a bad drama. I believe that Huang Tianren’s famous work “Want to See You” is of high standard and should not encounter Waterloo because of this drama. The netizens commented so far are polarized.

Some netizens think that Song Qian and Ou Hao’s acting skills are not good. They probably have not understood the trend of the plot. In fact, Song Qian is playing two people with completely different personalities, so before they understand, they feel that the actors’ performance changes are abrupt. Of course, the role played by Ou Hao, Huo Youze, faces two different people, so his performance is of course different. Later it was Song Xiaodong. Ou Hao concealed a lot from her for a reason. Song Xiaodong seemed to be a tool man, but he became Luo Qianyi confused.

The feedback from the audience is also two extremes. The acting skills of the actors are one of the slots. Of course, some netizens like such suspenseful plots. In fact, similar suspenseful love works, the most famous may be “The Lost Lover”, and then “Want to See You” The mainland version of “Stranger Lovers” may be a bit more difficult than “Want to See You”, and it depends on how the plot is played. Some audiences are fragrant and smelly. They are resistant to similar domestic dramas and are not optimistic. In fact, this drama It may be necessary to keep chasing down to know the cause and effect, but the pressure on the director is also great. I don’t want to repeat the past methods, and it needs to truly reflect the real situation in the mainland, so this is a test for the director.

The whole drama looks good, except that the plot is a little awkward, such as the high-level sense of service, and the soundtrack is also very suitable for the scene, so why the switch between Luo Qianyi and Song Xiaodong happened? This answer may be revealed by Huo Youze. If it is a suspense drama, premature and arbitrary comments will be very smashing, because when the director’s intentions are not understood, everyone does not know what happened between Huo Youze, Luo Qianyi and Song Xiaodong. The truth will be the only way to get rid of the cocoon. The bottom line came out.



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The crack version of Resident Evil Village plays “smoother” than the genuine version, most likely the frame stuttering due to DRM


Resident Evil Village was well-received, and Capcom continues to reap the rewards of this historic series. However, PC gamers are still not satisfied with the quality of the game: the content and gameplay are okay, but the game has “jerky” intervals that make the experience not smooth.

Before Capcom had time to fix the error, some players discovered that the crack version of Resident Evil Village had removed the digital copyright protection tool (DRM) to play much more stable.

The crack version of Resident Evil Village plays smoother than the genuine version, it is likely that the frame error is caused by DRM - Photo 1.

Just recently, the EMPRESS crack team has successfully removed DRM from the latest RE version. When gamers experienced RE Village on PC, they discovered that the backlog problem from May – the time of the game’s launch – was gone. According to the EMPRESS crack team, Capcom protected the game with both Denuvo technology (a DRM engine) and the DRM technology itself developed by Capcom. Perhaps multiple layers of security have limited the PC gamer’s experience.

The reporter of the game news site DSOG played the cracked version of the game and made the same comment: the experience of playing Resident Evil Village has been greatly improved. Compared with the original DRM version running on a machine with an RTX 3080, the crack version is much smoother.

Resident Evil Village parachute playing on RTX 3080 card

The crack version of Resident Evil Village no longer shows signs of jerking, lag

Neither Capcom nor Denuvo have yet to officially comment on the new find. In the near future, the Japanese game company will launch extensions for Resident Evil Village, PC gamers are both waiting for new content and hoping Capcom can soon fix the frame stutter to experience the full experience.


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COVID-19 epidemic: Indonesia recorded the highest number of new cases ever


Photo captions
People wait in line to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in South Tangerang, Indonesia. Photo: THX/VNA

Meanwhile, the number of deaths from COVID-19 in the past 24 hours is 869 – the third highest since the pandemic broke out in early March last year.

Up to now, Indonesia has recorded a total of 2,615,529 cases, including 68,219 deaths.

Experts believe that the number of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia has increased continuously in the past few weeks as a result of the Eid al-Fitr holiday in May, as well as the emergence of dangerous new variants, in that has the Delta variant.

The second wave of infections in this country has caused a series of hospitals to be overwhelmed. In response to this urgent situation, the Government of Indonesia has imposed an emergency restriction of community activities (PPKM) in Java and Bali from July 3 to 20 and expanded to 15 other areas outside the country. These 2 islands are densely populated.

Indonesia launched a nationwide COVID-19 vaccination program on January 13, with the goal of providing vaccines to at least 181.5 million people to achieve herd immunity by the end of the year. Up to now, this country has fully injected 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccine for 15,190,998 people and 36,914,607 people have received 1 dose of vaccine.

Also on July 13, Indonesia received an additional 1.4 million doses of the finished vaccine manufactured by China’s Sinopharm pharmaceutical company. This is the 22nd batch of COVID-19 vaccine and the third batch of vaccines that the country has received from abroad.

* Meanwhile, the number of Delta variant cases in Turkey in the past 1 week has nearly tripled, from 284 cases to 750 cases, while the number of new cases also increased by 20% compared to the previous week. Currently, Delta variant cases are present in 36 provinces, an increase of 6 provinces compared to 1 week ago and there have been 3 cases of Delta Plus variant.

Before the above situation, Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca urged people to get vaccinated against COVID-19. About 61% of all adults in Turkey have so far received at least one dose of the vaccine, while the country targets at least 70% of the population by next week’s Eid al-Adha holiday.

To date, the country has recorded over 5.5 million cases of COVID-19, of which 50,000 have not died.


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Redmi K50 Series Smartphones Launch Date Hinted



The launches in the Redmi K40 series smartphones are over, and now, it is time to talk about the next-generation models. While there is no official confirmation regarding the next-generation devices in the Redmi K series, there are some clues hinting at the same. These make us believe that the Redmi K50 series devices could be on cards.

Redmi K50 Series Smartphones Launch Tipped For Early 2022

Redmi K50 Series On Cards

A few days back, Redmi GM and Xiaomi VP Lu Weibing teased the Redmi K50 series smartphones. Now, a well-known tipster has revealed when we can expect these smartphones will go official.

Usually, the Redmi K series smartphones will be launched in the first half of the year. However, the only exceptions were the Redmi K30 and Redmi K30 5G that went official in late December. Going by the same launch pattern, it is tipped that the Redmi K50 series smartphones might be launched early next year.

The Weibo-based tipster with the username Digital Chat Station tips that the upcoming Redmi K50 series smartphones could be launched before the next Spring Festival, which is slated for February 1, 2022. Notably, this is the Chinese New Year as well. The rough timeline hinted by the tipster makes us believe that the next-generation models in the Redmi K series could be unveiled in January 2022.

Given the good track record of this tipster, we can expect the Redmi K50 series smartphones to also be launched in the speculated time period.

What To Expect From Redmi K50?

The Redmi K50 series smartphones will come as the sequel to the Redmi K40 series. The next-generation models are likely to be powered by the upgraded flagship Qualcomm SoC, which could see the light of the day in December this year as its predecessors.

As of now, not much is known about the Redmi K50 series. However, we can expect further details regarding the smartphone to be launched in the coming weeks or months. Also, we can expect the Redmi K50 smartphones to be spotted across certification listings revealing more information. Moreover, an official confirmation regarding its launch in early 2022 is awaited to make sure the speculations are true.

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  • Redmi Note 10T 5G


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  • Honor X20 SE


Story first published: Tuesday, July 13, 2021, 17:41 [IST]


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Test Essays on Empathy – From the other side of the video game


Funny object that this Essay on Empathy. Not exactly a game, yet it is strictly video games. Signed Deconstructeam, the studio behind The Red String Club, it is a compilation of mini-games brought together to try to present the studio, and the meaning that its members give to their work.

A title which will help answer the tiring question “is video games an art?”, And above all which will show, if need be, that video games are much more than video games.

(Test de Essay on Empathy made on PC via a commercial copy of the game)

Essay on Empathy Titre

Video game editorial object

In a very prosaic way, we can consider Essay on Empathy as a compilation of the work of the Deconstructeam studio. These are ten small games or narrative experiences that are brought together in the compilation, spanning from 2015 to today. Most have already appeared elsewhere, such as on, one of them, De Tres Al Cuarto, is however unpublished.

But what makes all the added value of the title and its real interest, it is the editorial content that accompanies the games, and which sheds new light on both the software in question, but also the whole principle of creating a game, an indie game in particular.

Thus, each title is accompanied by preparatory documents for its development – documents which show us that game design is first and foremost a blank sheet, a pencil, and ideas! – as well as a video where the three members of the studio tell about the game, its creation process and the initial intentions, among others.

Do or do not, there is no try

If the interest of each of the small games is quite variable, it is combined with the rest of the material offered that the whole takes on value. Finally, it’s a fake compilation, but rather an album that tells the story of the studio. The compilation is in fact a portrait made in ten sets. An unprecedented exercise.

Essay on Empathy livre

Essays on Empathy, the title, is what we call a false friend, and does not translate to “essay” in the sense of trying something, but rather “essay” in the sense of “essay”. The title is thus a document about empathy, about putting yourself in someone else’s pumps.

If it is the characteristic of the narrative game to try to make us feel the emotions of the character that we embody or that we follow, here, it is rather the spirit and the perception of the three members of Deconstructeam that the title attempts to transmit to us.

Make video games fun again

Because if we know why we play video games, we rarely wonder why others make them! And behind the imperatives that we often hear about, the dates to be adhered to in terms of profitability obligations, we often forget the essential: the fun!

A title like The Bookshelf Limbo, where you have to choose a book for your father’s birthday, is quite short and only represents a fairly limited interest, in terms of gameplay. However, it is in the light of the testimonies of the members of the studios that we will see the game differently, and in that we will understand all its richness.

It’s a title that was made to be fun to design! A little selfish concept perhaps, but after all, why not! We accept the megalomaniac delusions of some big names in video games in the name of the sacrosanct “vision of the author”…

Beyond these little guilty pleasures, some titles also bear questions that can affect both creators and players. For example, does the game really always have to be a challenge? Beyond the debates on the difficulty that we have experienced in recent months, can we not consider a game without any kind of difficulty? This is also the kind of questions that the title and its “essays” try to answer.

Weird Tales

The least we can say about Deconstructeam after taking a look at Essays on Empathyis that they are not a bunch of merry “living the dream” guys making video games. So obviously, there are the joys of creation and the satisfaction of discovering an idea that comes to life or of seeing the music that we have written find its place in the play of its partners, darker sides of creation are also widely discussed.

Essay on Empathy Vivid

The lack of confidence in oneself or in one’s ideas, the crunch that one imposes on oneself perhaps even more than in the big studios of which one sometimes denounces the attitude and the financial pressure are as many bad sides of the discipline which is the common thread of these interviews.

And in light of these difficulties that the three creators are struggling with, we see their games differently. Thus, Eternal Home Floristry tells the story of an insensitive hired killer who takes refuge with an old florist, and finds a part of humanity as the old man teaches him the art of flowers; in 11.45 In Vivid Life, we follow a young woman convinced that her skeleton is not hers. She will learn, by listening to herself through a stolen X-ray machine, how to accept herself and her tortured past.

We will easily understand how behind these stories are also hidden metaphors of the pangs of creation, a roller coaster of life in an indie game studio. A kind of sub-subtext, behind stories that already have a lot to say, sometimes serious and serious, like this Behind Every Great Ones which depicts the terrifying daily life of a woman caught in the clutches of a toxic relationship .

Deconstructeam is engaged in a particular exercise here. Original and indispensable, the compilation and the editorial material that accompanies it take us to the other side of the mirror, allowing us to understand the creative process that brings a video game studio to life. If many players young people, especially cherish the dream of working in industry, Essays on Empathy reminds us that it is far from being a fun and lively activity every day.

Beyond what we can already know about working conditions, budgetary requirements, crunch, etc., it is the entire creative process that is dissected here in its entirety, with its intentions, its satisfactions and its sufferings. . More than a compilation or a documentary on video games, Essays on Empathy is a masterclass.




Fumetsu no Anata e – 13


After a one-week end of season break, Fumetsu no Anata e returns to finish its first (hopefully) season.  Of course it has the rather odd run of 20 episodes, so we’re considerably more than halfway finished.  Which sucks, given how much more good story the series has to tell.  Moving on without Gugu is difficult for Fushi, obviously, but for me as a viewer too.  His relationship with Fushi was the means by which both the protagonist and the story itself grew by leaps and bounds.  Those are impossible shoes to fill, but as this episode begins the process of illustrating, his death has an important role in the narrative.

As Fushi struggles to move on in aftermath of his loss, we see the Creator take a much more active role in the story than at any time before.  He sees Fushi trying to process (his word) what happened, and clearly sees this as a crucial junction for his creation.  Fushi has grown so much emotionally through Gugu and the others, and the way this is depicted here is totally on-point.  His circumstances are exceptional but Fushi emotionally reacts to them in a totally human fashion.  He searches for meaning in life – and death – and cannot find it.  And he agonizes in his own role as a magnet for danger for innocent bystanders.

Creator has a vested interest in Fushi seeing this through, of course, but there are limits to his power.  As he admits he can’t control Fushi’s mind, only his body.  Just what role he has in bringing Fushi and Pioran together is unclear, but her appearance has the effect of arguing his case far more persuasively than he can himself.  As much as Fushi tries to push her away Pioran won’t be moved.  She wants, as she says, to do something meaningful with the small amount of time she has left.  In the end she wasn’t able to do much for Fushi (though I’d argue that’s not actually the case), so she’s ready to make amends and help him on this next stage of his journey.

Fushi may be immortal, but Pioran’s vast reserves of life experience give her a perspective that far outstrips his own.  Through her he comes to realize that he’s lost something very precious – his memories of March, along with his ability to transform into her.  “It’s like a second death” Pioran remarks, and her words are oddly chilling.  Like it or not, this is a way for Fushi to give meaning to his own existence – to carry on the memory of those he knew and loves long after their physical forms have been left behind.  It sounds oddly like the function Creator says he designed Fushi for in a way…

The pair pass through a village, which Fushi refuses to enter for fear of attracting the Nokkers there.  Eventually Pioran asks him how he defeated the Nokkers the last time, and seizes upon the notion that what he needs is a place to train and grow stronger where no people will be endangered.  But on the way to the ship that will take them there, the pair are intercepted by a young girl (Inagawa Eri) who lures them onto another ship, this one headed for the prison island of Jananda.  And Fushi and Pioran are separated, leaving him helpless to protect her.

It occurs to me that among his repertoire of forms, a notable omission for Fushi is something small – as in, able to slip through prison bars.  That would have proved immensely useful on Jananda. and by the time he’s finally able to extricate himself (having healed the brand on his hand helps) Pioran is already gone and presumably locked up.  This is not a simple prison, that much is clear – and the people lured there on the ship clearly not criminals.  Why would a prison pay finders to bring fake criminals to a prison island?

What really strikes be about this episode – and it’s a major element of Fumetsu’s appeal – is the quiet dignity with which is approaches deep emotional pain (which is why the March arc stood out as an exception).  It’s perhaps a bit surprising given that Koe no Katachi was if anything successful because of its raw emotional power, but this is clearly the work of a more mature (though still very young) mangaka.  Fushi’s grieving process is eminently relatable and believable, and so is his emotional growth.  And that, in the final analysis, is what lies at the heart of this series and what makes it something really special.



Guardian Enzo

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How to make roasted pork with crispy skin without oil


Most people often have the habit of buying ready-made pork because they think that this dish is difficult to make at home. But in fact, it is a delicious dish that is not difficult to make at home, as long as you have a power device, an oil-free fryer.

Ingredients to be prepared

  • Bacon (quantity depends on serving)

To make delicious roast meat in the right way, we should choose to buy the shoulder meat, which has full lean – fat and skin. Remember to choose pieces of pork with a bright pink color, with a shiny layer of fat about 1.5-2cm thick.

  • Spices: pre-packaged meat sauce or five flavors, oyster sauce, white wine, vinegar, garlic, ginger powder, sugar, salt, pepper, etc.
  • Food wrapping aluminum foil
Ingredients to be prepared include only meat and spices
Ingredients to be prepared include only meat and spices

How to make roast pork with oil-free fryer step by step

  • Step 1: Preliminary preparation of meat

First, we wash the meat clean and let it dry. If you want the meat to quickly absorb the spices and absorb the inside more evenly, you can cut off part of the meat in the shape of a chess piece.

  • Step 2: Mix seasoning to marinate meat

This is the most important step that determines the final product of the dish. We can buy pre-packaged packages from the store if we want to be more compact. The recipe for the sauce can be customized to each home’s preferences. You can refer to the standard mixing method as follows: add salt, sugar, pepper, five spices and minced garlic to the mix (quantitative depending on taste). Finally, add some white wine.

Rub the spice mixture evenly on the meat, but remember to avoid the skin, more careful can be washed with vinegar. We should also squeeze the meat lightly so that the marinade is better absorbed. Let the seasonings infuse for at least 30 minutes, even overnight in the refrigerator.

How to make roasted pork with crispy skin without oil
The recipe for marinating meat can be changed arbitrarily to suit your taste
  • Step 3: Put the meat in an oil-free fryer

If storing in the refrigerator, then before baking, leave it out for at least half an hour. First, we turn the maximum heat (about 200 degrees Celsius) for 10-15 minutes to preheat the pot. Then wrap the meat in aluminum foil (avoid the skin) and place it in the pot.

Sprinkle a little powdered salt (if you don’t have granulated salt) on the skin for better crunch, roast the meat at 180 degrees Celsius for 45 minutes. Then take out the meat, remove all the salt on the skin and put it back in the pot again at 200 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes.

How to make roasted pork with crispy skin without oil
Our finished products are pieces of meat that are soft inside and crispy

Some note

  • Before butchering, you can puncture the skin to make the skin bigger and more beautiful
  • Wrapping aluminum foil is not required but should be used because thanks to that, the grease will flow into the paper, ensuring a cleaner oven.
  • The roasting time can be reduced to du di if the quantity of meat is small.
  • Roasted meat can be eaten with rice or eaten with vermicelli or rice paper as you like.

Making roast pork with an oil-free fryer is very simple, right? If you already have an oil-free fryer in your home, don’t forget this dish in your family’s weekly menu!


Chi Phạm

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What kind of “mysterious power” can Chinese game companies gain from the emergence of Japanese IP?Original


Recently, a lot of new mobile games ushered in public beta, and careful analysis of these mobile games, it is not difficult to find a situation, that is, many of them are Japanese IP authorization and Sino-Japanese cooperative research and development models, such as “Ghost Weeping: Battle at the Pinnacle” and “Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice”, “One Piece: Passion in Blood”, “Sword Art Online Black Swordsman: Ace”, etc., even appeared in the top ten iOS best sellers at the end of June. Many such games.

Not only that, in the top 200 iOS best-selling lists, we can also see “Contra: Return”, “King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Battle Online” and other games that have been launched for a few years can still occupy the list. Of a location.

In addition, some new mobile games announced in the first half of this year are also in this model, such as the two mobile games “Random Story” and “Metal Slug: Awakening” announced at Tencent’s annual game conference this year. Previously announced the “Dynasty Warriors” that appeared at the press conference.

So, why do Chinese game companies like Japanese IP so much? Why is this cooperative model favored by many game companies now?

The long-term accumulation and value of Japanese IP

One of the most important reasons why Chinese game companies will look at these Japanese IPs is that these IPs have been accumulated for a long time. For example, the first generation of the Ranch Story series was released on the SFC platform in 1996, and it happened to be 25 this year. Anniversary, and the first generation of the Metal Slug series appeared on the arcade in 1996, and this year has also gone through 25 years of history.

Not to mention the fond memories that the Three Kingdoms series and the King of Fighters series have brought to players for a long time in the past.

A long time means that this IP can attract more user groups, and it may attract post-80s, post-90s, post-00s, and of course post-70s and post-10s are also possible.

Because of the accumulation of so long, the elements and content that can be used when adapted into a mobile game can be said to be very rich, and it can even be said to be inexhaustible.

For example, IP such as “Saint Seiya” and “One Piece”, there are countless wonderful characters that have appeared in animations and original comics. Just updating a few new characters every month can run for a long period of time. Time is up.

The same is true for the Pokémon series. I am afraid that few people can say clearly how many works have been released in the past so many years without consulting the information. How many different Pokémon appeared in it is also a big problem, no wonder Tencent has to spend a lot of effort and resources to win Pokémon’s IP to make derivative works such as the MOBA version and the 3A masterpiece. Just making some of the first-generation classic characters can make players play for a long time.

Time is money, and money is efficiency.

It should be said that many domestic game companies are actually working hard to make original IPs. For example, “Tomorrow’s Ark” and “Yuan Shen” are such typical examples, but it takes too long to cultivate such an original IP, like Miha Youhua It took so many years to create the two big IPs, the collapse series and the original God.

So for some game companies, in the case of trying to cultivate their own IP, borrowing some famous Japanese IP to develop related works is a beautiful thing, and some of the experience can also be used in cultivating their own original IP in the future. It is the best of both worlds.

Complementary advantages of China and Japan

The current model of cooperation is a typical complementary advantage for China and Japan, which can give play to their respective strengths.

The first key is that Japanese game companies have more urgent needs for adapting their IPs into mobile games, but they are often powerless.

Take falcom as an example. The company’s two largest IPs are the Ys series and the track series, but because falcom has a very limited number of employees, and for many years this company has maintained a small-scale operation. Form, just creating the sequel of the track series and the Ys series is too busy, so we can only let interested Chinese game companies take charge of research and development through the form of IP authorization, and falcom only needs to send a few people to supervise the details. That’s it.

Therefore, we can see that Falcom’s “Ys 6,” “Ys 8”, and “Sensor Trail 3” are currently authorized to domestic game companies to develop related mobile games.

The more complicated situation is capcom. Unlike falcom, which does not have the ability and resources to develop mobile games, capcom has also launched many mobile games through self-research, but most of them failed. Later, capcom had to change its strategy. , Almost no longer conduct independent research and development, but license IP to external companies for development, and Chinese game companies have obtained many of these authorizations, such as “Street Fighter: Duel” and “Devil May Cry: Battle of the Peak”. The product of ideas.

This is because Japanese game companies hope to use these IP-authorized mobile games to expand the greater influence of the IP itself and achieve an ideal situation for user conversion.

In addition to expanding IP influence, Japanese games can also obtain a lot of profit from IP licensing. For example, SNK licensed the King of Fighters IP to China’s Palm Fun and the “King of Fighters 98OL Ultimate Battle” created after playing the crab. The huge success has made SNK’s own market value several times higher. The “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition” authorized by Guangrong Tecmo to Lingxi Interactive has also caused a great increase in the market value and income of the two years ago.

For Japanese game companies, licensing IP to Chinese companies has so many benefits, and one IP can also be licensed to multiple companies, no matter from which level it is a good thing, naturally it is becoming more and more enthusiastic.

The second key is that Chinese game companies have excellent R&D capabilities and market experience, but currently lack more powerful original IP.

Chinese game companies have ushered in a big explosion in the mobile game era. In the increasingly fierce competition, both user behavior analysis and profitability design are in the forefront of the world. Now the world’s most profitable mobile game Many of them are made in China.

However, China’s game industry started late. In the 1980s and 1990s, there were actually not many IPs accumulated. Among them, the famous ones were only a few such as Xianjian. Later, some famous IPs were accumulated in the end game era, but most of them have been Adapted to a mobile game, such as the “Perfect World” mobile game.

In the era of mobile games, since it takes a lot of time to create an original IP and cannot be done overnight, many game companies prefer to purchase the authorization of an existing IP.

Of course, domestic game companies also used a lot of domestic novel IP and TV series IP before, but there were not too many successful works in the end, and this requires a perfect match between the game and TV series release time, which involves many technical issues, so now this type of The works are rare.

As for European and American IP, many famous IPs appeared and became famous more after entering this century. For example, the Uncharted series only appeared in the PS3 era. The Gears of War series are also contemporary, as are the Mass Effect series and the Metro series. .

This is because the European and American console game industry started to explode in the era of PS3 and XBOX360 in this century, so the time for IP accumulation is often many years less than that of Japan’s IP.

And globally, the European and American host users are the most. The GTA series and Uncharted Seas series can easily sell for tens of millions or even tens of millions, and most of them are paid by host users in developed countries in Europe and the United States.

Therefore, for these European and American game companies, these console games have already made a lot of money, and it seems that there is not much need to authorize the launch of mobile games. Of course, “Call of Duty” mobile game is a special case, but such special cases are really rare.

South Korea’s IP is similar to the domestic situation. Most of them are well-known IPs in the era of mobile games, and the number of well-known IPs accumulated is not enough, and South Korea’s own mobile game research and development strength is actually not weak, so there is no such urgent need for IP authorization. Demand.

Therefore, looking at IP in various fields around the world, only Japanese IP is the one that best meets the needs of domestic companies and is the one that can best complement each other’s advantages.

And there is a mystery here. Large companies can choose big IPs, and small companies can choose some niche IPs. In the end, as long as there are hundreds of thousands of active users, although they can’t make big money like big companies, they can’t lose money anyway. And there is a small profit. For example, the developer of the aforementioned “Yes 6” mobile game is produced by an unknown small company in China, which may be the product of such an idea.

In addition, there is another key worth mentioning that these mobile games developed by Chinese game companies after purchasing Japanese IP authorization can not only achieve certain good results in China, but some of them can also be popular in South Korea and Japan. After all, China, Japan and South Korea Both belong to the East Asian cultural circle, so choosing Japanese IP is also of great significance in terms of going overseas.

More and more successful works

In fact, in the early years, there were not so many successful works created after obtaining the authorization of Japanese game IP in China, but in recent years, it can be said that more and more, which have inspired latecomers.

Of course, because there are too many successful cases, this article cannot enumerate and analyze them one by one. Here we mainly analyze a few more representative cases.

The first and most representative one is undoubtedly “The King of Fighters 98OL Ultimate Battle”. This game was launched very early, and it has entered the top ten of the iOS best-selling list many times since its launch in 2015, and it was also in China in 2015. One of the top ten games with the highest revenue for iOS, and the only Japanese IP product among the ten games.

More than that, this game has also achieved very good results in the Japanese market, and it has also achieved good results on the iOS bestseller list in Japan for a long time.

What’s even more amazing is that this game has not only been in operation in China until now, it has also entered the top 100 iOS best-selling list not long ago. Considering that this is a game that has been launched for five or six years, there is actually such a result. It is incredible.

The success of this game has a great motivational effect for other domestic game companies.

Because at that time, there were actually some Japanese IP-authorized domestically developed products from mobile games to mobile games, but none of them were particularly successful, but the result of “The King of Fighters 98OL Ultimate Battle” proved that this road works.

In addition, this game also answers a question. Back then, there has been a lot of controversy about whether the classic IP of the King of Fighters and Street Fighter should be adapted into a horizontal action theme, a card theme, or some other theme. At that time, many media and Players think that the IP of this fighting game will lose its original charm after being adapted into a card theme.

However, there are also many problems with directly applying fighting game play to mobile games. After all, it is difficult to restore the realism and depth of joystick or button operation by rubbing the glass on a mobile phone.

“The King of Fighters 98 Ultimate Battle OL” as an action card game, the solution given is to add the so-called “innovative QTE combo combat gameplay” on the basis of the character stand-and-stake round battle. Simply put, when each character in the game attacks, there will be a rapidly shrinking circle. If the player clicks before the circle shrinks and disappears, they can cooperate with other characters to play a Combo. The more the player shrinks in the circle to the smallest When you click, the higher the combo’s evaluation, the higher the damage. This kind of QTE combo gameplay actually comes from some music games, but in a game where fighting is the selling point, there is no sense of contradiction, on the contrary, it increases the fun of some operations other than numerical values.

Therefore, this game integrates action into the card game, and has won the recognition of many original players. It is also the success of this game that later adapted some fighting game IP into a mobile game, dare to boldly choose card types instead of entangled in Restrictions on fighting types.

The second typical case is the mobile game version of “Dream Simulated Warfare”. This game was often ranked in the top ten of the iOS best-selling list. It may be the most successful work since the creation of the Zilong game.

This work provides new ideas and proves this success. That is, the seemingly niche IP of “Dream Simulator” can attract a large number of players after being mobile, which was unthinkable before.

Because in the previous years, many game companies mainly focused on some famous big IPs in Japan, such as One Piece and Naruto.

The IP of “Dream Simulator” seems to be a niche, but the mass base in China is actually very deep. I believe that Zilong Games must have discovered this after a lot of research. Zilong Games CEO Wang Yi has also been receiving media In the interview, it was mentioned that the post-80s veteran players accounted for a large part of the users of this game.

As far as my personal experience is concerned, from junior high school to university, I can always meet a few players who have played “Dream Simulator 2” on MD, and this game is the most classic game in the series, quite a lot of post-80s They have a lot of affection for this game, and even after they get married, they will use the simulator to nostalgia from time to time. Once there is a mobile game that can meet their emotional needs, they are definitely willing to spend money on the game. .

The producer and even the production team of the mobile game “Dream Simulated Warfare” must be thoroughly familiar with this series. The game is a great tribute to the original painting from the drawing to the battle, and it has restored the essence of the original, and made a lot of improvements based on the characteristics of the mobile game. Also joined the full story dubbing and classic levels of the past.

So after the game came out, many veteran players born in the 80s were deeply moved. After all, this series has not been a sequel for many years. It can be said that it is a lifetime and a grandfather to play such a work that inherits the essence of the original in all aspects. .

So this case shows that some seemingly niche Japanese IPs actually have huge potential, and as long as the producers can really know what the players need, they can achieve considerable success in the end.

The third typical case is “Three Kingdoms: Strategic Edition”.

This is the most successful game created by Alibaba Games’ Lingxi Interactive Entertainment, and is an authorized work of the Three Kingdoms IP under Koei Tecmo’s in Japan.

And this game has been in the top ten of the iOS best-selling list for a long time, and can even enter the top three frequently.

One of the inspirations of this game is that strategy games can also reach such a popular level. In the past few years, there have been some very good strategy mobile games in China, but “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition” can actually occupy the best-selling domestic iOS for a long time. The top three in the list, even if there is an occasional decline, it can remain in the top 10 or so. This is a result that almost no strategy mobile game can achieve in the past.

In addition, this game may also be Japan’s authorized Sino-Japanese cooperative research and development model so far, which can be said to be the best result, so what successful experience does this game have, such as the substitution of a sense of history, the design of real terrain and marching, water The design of the battle, the terrain elements from “Three Kingdoms 11”, etc., in short, for many developers, there are many things worth pondering and studying for this work.

Concluding remarks

Looking to the future, we can see that there will be more products under this model, and for domestic game developers, we need to focus on these two issues.

One is the specific choice of IP. As mentioned earlier, Japan actually still has a lot of IP to be developed. For example, can IPs such as Heavy Air Force and Fenglai Xilin also be developed into mobile games?

Another problem is that only by respecting the IP itself, cherishing great enthusiasm for IP, and treating IP-adapted mobile games as if they were their own children, in order to be invincible in the end, as mentioned in the “Three Kingdoms:” Several typical success stories such as “Strategy Edition” have achieved this before they have been recognized by the players.





Landfill site A $ 5.4 million lawsuit against Drummondville


After Quebec authorized the expansion of a landfill site against its will, the City of Drummondville now faces a major legal remedy.

The operator of the site, Waste Management, is demanding $ 5.4 million from the city administration.

Waste Management accuses the City of Drummondville of not having respected the terms of an agreement concluded between the two parties in 2012.

“The City was committed to changing its zoning to allow for the expansion of the landfill, which it now refuses to do. For eight years we have paid sums into an environmental emergency fund managed by the City and provided the latter with preferential rates. All we are asking today is to recover these amounts, ”explains Waste Management public affairs director Martin Dussault.

This lawsuit was filed Friday morning at the Drummondville courthouse, the day after the decree adopted by the Quebec government authorizing the expansion of the Saint-Nicéphore landfill site.

“It is insult to injury,” comments the chief of staff of Mayor Alain Carrier, Claude Proulx. We do not agree and we will make our points in court, but we will certainly not pay by apologizing. ”

The City of Drummondville, which is opposed to the expansion of the landfill site, is also evaluating its options regarding a possible challenge to the government decree.

Éric Duhaime denounces

While in Drummondville on Friday, the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, Éric Duhaime, strongly denounced the decision of the CAQ government.

“What message does it send to elected officials and the population of the region? That the government does not care about them? It’s a completely undemocratic decision, ”he said.

In an interview with TVA Nouvelles, the Minister of the Environment, Benoit Charrette, said he understood the disappointment of local elected officials and citizens, but assures us that it was the “only solution”.

The minister wants to put in place means for Quebec to reduce the quantity of landfilled waste at source.



IT Tricks Random

Google can track your location 24/7 here’s how to stop it nó


( If you use Google, your location and other sensitive or private information are automatically shared. Here’s how to change this hidden default setting.

According to an investigation from the Associated Press, simply opening the Google Maps app or using Google on any platform to search will record your location with time.

Turning off location history only removes where you’ve been from the Google Maps Timeline feature, which records your location with certain data at a specific time.

Even with location disabled, “some location data may continue to be saved in other settings,” such as your web and app activity. If you take a few more steps, you can prevent Google from knowing where you are 24/7.

You should also note that disabling this default setting has some limitations. While Google’s settings may seem intrusive to some, they also help enhance an extremely personalized online experience, such as through personalized advertising.

  • Step 1: Open on your desktop or mobile browser.
  • Step 2: At the top right, sign in to your Google account if you’re not already signed in.
  • Step 3: Select Manage your Google account.
  • Step 4: In the Privacy & Personalization box, select Manage your data and personalization.
  • Step 5: Scroll down to Activity controls and select Manage your activity controls.
  • Step 6: There you will see a box named Web & App Activity. From there, you can slide the toggle switch to off.
  • Step 7: There will be a disclosure to make sure you understand what disabling this setting will do before you select Pause.

Thus, from now on it will be difficult for Google to track your location continuously, thereby ensuring maximum privacy.