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Grab reached 1 billion bus trips

Grab reached the milestone of 1 billion bus trips on October 26 with 66 simultaneous rides in 7 Southeast Asian countries. Grab reached the milestone of 1 billion bus trips on October 26, 2017 with 66 simultaneous rides in 7 Southeast Asian countries including Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar. . Mr. Anthony […]

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[Webike Online Motorcycle Show]K&N

K&N, officially established in 1969, is a world-renowned manufacturer of filter elements and air intake systems. Its headquarters is located in Riverside, California. It covers an area of ​​nearly 400,000 square feet. The factory includes engineering, product design, manufacturing, warehousing, testing facilities, Departments such as purchasing, sales, customer service, marketing and corporate office. Originated in […]

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SYM JET X 125 was officially announced: JET series flagship water-cooled engine, keel, and Keyless system

display 1 / 2 Next page 33,421 SYM recently announced a number of new cars in the form of the LIMITLESS online auto show, and the JET X, which has maintained a mysterious posture on the official website. The news was finally announced yesterday (11/18). The GPX DRONE 150, which was launched in cooperation with […]

You can follow the style of My cat in Afghanistan, picture 1
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The UK will probably follow the example of the United States in reducing the number of troops in Afghanistan

British soldiers are deployed in Afghanistan. (Source: Reuters) British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said on November 19 that Britain may follow the example of the US reduction in the number of troops stationed in Afghanistan, but will continue to coordinate with the government. Afghanistan and the US to ensure the security of this South Asian […]

am8 (AM8) debut
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am8 (AM8) debut

I’m always working with you today Creative art director Ryo Teshima’s new music unit I would like to write about am8. After working for a major advertising agency, Mr. Teshima went to TOKYO and DESIDN BOY. Has been launched and is mainly active in work related to visuals. Kakou TOKYO KEI-KO TOKYO is a creative […]