Australian farmers celebrate amid heavy rain

Australian farmers cheered in the rain

Farmers in New South Wales face up to rain, expressing joy when torrential rain rains down on the arid land of drought.

The heartwarming video posted on January 17 by Bryce Chapman, a farmer in New South Wales, Australia, showed him walking outside, cheering to welcome the rain on the farm after months of drought. Chapman took off his hat and lifted his face to the sky to let the rain pour on his face.

“Let the rain rain, soak it here,” he said with joy, then showed off the cows and the puddles of rain on the farm. “Cow, the rain will bring food for you,” he told his cattle.

Many social media users also shared their joy with Chapman after the heavy rain. “This video makes me so happy. I cannot imagine how happy he was then,” a commentator said.

“That’s great,” another wrote. “It is very happy for those who finally enjoy a good rain.”

Farmers in New South Wales celebrate the heavy rain on January 17. Video: YouTube.

Part of the east coast of Australia saw its second heavy rain on January 17 after months of devastating drought and forest fires. The first significant rain appeared on January 16, watering parts of Victoria and helping put down 32 fires in New South Wales.

The Australian Meteorological Department forecasts heavy rains continue this weekend, especially in areas around Sydney, the north coast of New South Wales and the city of Brisbane. Heavy rain brought much hope for firefighters’ efforts to extinguish the forest, but also raised concerns about flash floods, landslides, and ash and dust pollution in the water.

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