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Australia says China lacks "Consistency"…


SCMP newspaper on 27/1 quoted Australian Finance Minister Josh Frydenberg criticizing the statement of Chinese President Xi Jinping when he said “big countries should not bully small countries”.

 Uc says China poor
Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Mr. Frydenberg said that such a statement was inconsistent with China’s economic squeezing action against Australia.

Yes, I agree with the view that big countries should not bully small ones, but there seems to be a bit of inconsistency between words and actions. [của Trung Quốc]”- said Mr. Frydenberg.

Frydenberg’s remarks were made after Xi’s speech at the World Economic Forum (WEF) held online in Davos (Switzerland) on January 25.

Previously, the President of China gave a long speech, warning that efforts to “isolate, threaten, separate and punish” other countries will “only push the world into divisions, even is confrontation ”.

“History and reality have made it clear that such a false approach, whether in the form of cold war, armed conflict, trade war or technology war, will ultimately harm all countries, undermining the interests and well-being of people “- Mr. Xi said.

Xi argued that countries should respect each other’s differences and that advanced nations should give up cold war thinking and not try to impose their will on smaller nations.

Xi also affirmed Beijing’s leadership role among the developing world, and promised that China would “help in its power” to provide the COVID-19 vaccine and tackle poverty.

He also emphasized that no country in the world can solve global problems alone, which requires global action, global response and global cooperation.

“We should build an open global economy, adhere to multilateral trade mechanisms, remove unilateral standards, and remove barriers to trade, investment and technology exchange.” Mr. Xi added.

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