Australia responded when Google threatened to back up for charging

Australia responded when Google threatened to back up for charging

(News 24h) – Australian Prime Minister said he was not afraid of Google when this technology company stopped providing services.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on January 22 denied the “threat” of Google technology company to stop providing search services (Google Search) in Australia if the government of this country resolves to ban The Code requires that Google, Facebook and other social media platforms pay a fee for using the news to domestic media organizations.

Cancer when Google is afraid of a crime
Australia strictly applies regulations on charging for content by Facebook and Google.

At the hearing before the Australian Parliament, Mr. Morrison affirmed that Australia will make its own rules.

Also at this meeting, Google CEO in Australia and New Zealand Mel Silva objected to asking Google to pay news agencies for displaying part of the article on search results. According to authorities, at least 94% of searches online in Australia are through Google.

“If this code becomes law, we have no choice but to stop offering Google Search in Australia,” said Silva. She described the bill as “an unacceptable financial and operating precedent”.

The statement of Ms. Silva created an “explosion” in the media in Australia on the morning of January 22. The statement states that Google wants to work together to build a Code of Voluntary Bargaining between social networking platforms and domestic media companies.

According to Ms. Silva, this transaction has been done by Google in 450 locations around the world. This is the most effective solution to solve “problems” between technology companies and media firms. In the worst case scenario, Google will be forced to stop providing Google Search services operating in Australia.

Imposing a mandatory set of rules as “not possible” to Google because the principle of unlimited linking between websites is a fundamental element of the search process on Google Search. Imposing this set of codes comes with an inability to control finance and operational risk.

Google proposes to negotiate agreements with Australian news organizers based on the content of similarly done deals around the world, through the form of news value-based fees, in which the The media company will be responsible for creating and managing the content and status lines that appear on the search boards available at some Google service pages.

Since mid-January 2021, Google has started an experiment to restrict users from accessing Australian news sites, including the newspapers of the two largest media outlets, News Corp and the Guardian. The move is one of tens of thousands of routine tests the company is conducting to gauge the interaction between media companies and Google search apps. The trial is expected to end early next month.

Facebook, another company that was the subject of the bill, also voiced its opposition. At the hearing, the social network reiterated its consideration to prohibit Australians from sharing news on the platform if the bill passes.

Australia’s bill is designed to support the domestic media industry, which has difficulty adapting to the digital economy.

In a statement on the evening of January 18, Australian Treasury Secretary Josh Frydenberg affirmed the country’s government is committed to implementing a mandatory rule to achieve its set goal of “solving imbalances in bargaining power. “Between digital platforms and media companies.

He stressed the code was the result of an 18-month review by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), as well as extensive consultations with stakeholders, including Google and Facebook.

In a related development, Google has approved a similar rule in France. On January 21, Google just signed agreements with French publishers after authorities urged the company to pay for content. Google has stopped displaying search results of European publishers on Google Search to French users since 2020 in order to comply with copyright laws.

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