Aukey and Huawei opened selling attractive deals on Shopee, giving Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 smartphones - VnReview
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Aukey and Huawei opened selling attractive deals on Shopee, giving Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 smartphones – VnReview

Aukey has been proving to be a true umbrella horse in the race of genuine technology accessories in Vietnam e-commerce floor when this brand is growing strongly and growing rapidly thanks to good product quality. same reasonable price.

In this July, only from July 23 to July 30, Aukey announced that it would officially cooperate with Chinese technology giant Huawei, bringing a big promotion program unprecedented to customers. Shopee.

You can refer immediately to the super hot program HERE.

Super durable lightning cable fours with Shopee's best-selling charger

Many iPhone users are quite annoyed with Apple's "zin" charging cup for its capacity and "bad" performance. If you want to charge faster, use the 12W iPad. However, its price is not cheap at all. If you do not have enough financial support but want to charge faster for iPhone, you should not ignore Aukey's special offer for Vietnam market this time.

The first 200 customers to buy charger cables will be given free of charge the best-selling 12W mug Shopee worth 249,000 VND

When buying charger cable belonging to the lines CB-BAL3-4-5-6, you will be given free 12W charger cup worth 249,000 VND. This is the best-selling 12W Cup Shopee and one of the smallest 12W cups in the world today. Two charging ports supporting the 2.4A series and AiPower smart power technology exclusively from Aukey, what more would you expect from a free gift like this?

Free 2 Huawei Y9 Prime phones and 2 Huawei Watch GT watches

Huawei Y9 Prime phones and Huawei Watch GT watches are all one of Huawei's latest models at the moment. Huawei Y9 Prime owns 100% overflow screen with hidden camera behind the screen is extremely impressive. Meanwhile, smartwatch from Huawei integrates TruSeen ™ 3.0 technology, optimizing the results of extremely fast and accurate heart rate measurements.

Huawei Y9 Prime owns 100% overflow screen with front camera hidden behind the screen

Huawei Watch GT with 2 sports and classic versions

Both products are free from July 23-30, 2019. For more information, please visit fanpage Facebook to see the program rules.

Quick charger for iPhone is only 600,000 VND

If you are a fan of Apple products, especially iPhone, you need to know that to own fast charger for iPhone devices from line 8 Plus or more, you will have to spend about 1.2 million to own an 18W PD charging cup with cable C to Lightning. If you lack 1 of 2 (or cable, or cup), your iPhone won't be able to charge fast!

Back with Aukey, the German technology accessories brand this time brings an exclusive deal to Shopee when it drops 35% for the PD 18W PA-Y18 charging cup. When buying this charger, you also have the opportunity to buy exclusive C to lightning cable CB-CL1 for fast charging for iPhone with a 50% discount.

So for only 600,000VND, you can easily own an ultra-fast cup + cable charger for iPhone at 0-50% speed within 30 minutes. This is an impressive price that you should not ignore

Exclusive offer, unique at Shopee

The program "buying Aukey for Huawei Y9 Prime" is part of the official cooperation of Aukey and Huawei, and selling exclusively at Shopee from July 23-30, 2019. You can access the Shopee link at the top of the article to track and hunt right away extremely valuable gifts in this event.


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