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Audio-Technica introduces cheap Bluetooth ear model ATH-CK150BT, priced at about 800 thousand VND

Audio Technica has just introduced a cheap Bluetooth headset called ATH-CK150BT with 6 different color versions. The expected price for this headset is only about 3600 yen (equivalent to about 800 thousand VND).

The ATH-CK150BT can be considered Audio-Technica's answer to Sony's cheap WI-C200 wireless headset. Products with up to 6 different colors to serve students, young people including black, blue, red green, coral pink, red and white.

Like other Bluetooth headsets, the ATH-CK150BT still has a three-button control cluster for music listening, volume control.

Inside uses a dynamic driver of 8.8mm in diameter to reproduce the full detail sound in all three bands from the energy-rich bass range to the clear mid treb range. The sound quality of the ATH-CK150BT is tuned to be able to listen to many different types of music, but most still focus on modern and young music.

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Part of resonant sound chamber and acoustic pipe is specially designed to have the best sound quality in an extremely compact size. Users can use for a long time with extremely comfortable wearing feeling.

The water resistance standard of this sample is also quite low, only at IPX2 equivalent to anti-drip, light water repellent, but it is difficult to meet the needs of gym, gym and gym. The product will come with a Micro-USB charging cord, and 4 different eartip types L / M / S / XS.

The battery life of ATH-CK150BT will be about 7 hours continuously with a full charge of about 2 hours. Bluetooth standard is version 5.0 with SBC-only support codec. The maximum negative chamber pressure level is 100dB / mW, ensuring a high enough level for the basshead. The weight of the headset is only 12.5g.


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