Audi A6 review: Marvel at the overwhelming technology

Audi A6 review: Marvel at the overwhelming technology

To the new generation, many people consider the Audi A6 to be a perfect combination of personality design, sport and technology. peak.

Introduction of the Audi A6

At the Geneva exhibition event where many new generation cars were introduced to the show world, all attention was paid to the German manufacturer’s Audi A6. The Audi A6 has a completely new appearance with advanced technology in multimedia entertainment, driver assistance and safety equipment integrated for the first time. What the market expects in a luxury sedan is satisfied by the Audi manufacturer.

2019 Audi A6The Audi A6 attracts with a completely new design

Review of Audi A6 on the exterior

Audi A6 shares the platform with its top two sedans, the Audi A7 and Audi A8. Considering the Audi A6 specifications in terms of dimensions, you’ll notice this clearly. With a length x width x height 4,939 x 1,886 x 1,457 mm, the same wheelbase reaches 2,924 mm, the A6 is slightly larger than the old A6.

Top car

The front of the Audi A6 is relatively similar to the “brothers” like the Audi A4, A7 or A8 models with a grille that comes with a contour and prominent chrome-plated horizontal bars and new headlights combined. LED strip lights run day. However, you will feel the difference clearly comes from Audi’s unique hexagonal wide-frame grille. In the larger Audi A6, “more aggressive” and looks “more positive”. Capeau cap part is designed to be near the clogs.

Audi A6 uses Matrix LED headlight technology (applied in the most advanced version, LED in the remaining versions). Matrix LED technology for broader beams and stronger intensity, helping drivers improve visibility in the night as well as create prominent highlights at the street.

The head of the Audi A6 features a Matrix LEDThe head of the Audi A6 features a Matrix LED

Vehicle body

For Audi A6, the car body is very cared for by the company and has a very prominent distinctive mark. If you know a little about Audi’s design history, you will feel that the body of the A6 model echoes the lines of the Audi 100 Avant of the 80s of the last century. A6, also with the design of Avant but the ceiling at the back is beveled down quite a lot in a sporty style.

In addition, no shortage of embossed veins connecting from the capeau to the body creates the muscular and sporty appearance of a luxury sedan. The car door is covered with metal rim. Audi lajante wheels are fitted up to a size of 21 ”. The 19 ”diameter option for wheels will be available in Audi’s S-line package.


The rear of the Audi A6 is designed to be the sportiest. Trapezoidal twin exhaust set with very diffuser, similar to Audi A8. Pair of LED technology headlights seamlessly connected together by a thin chrome bar with the Audi logo featured in the very delicate central area.

The sporty tail of the Audi A6The sporty tail of the Audi A6

Review Audi A6 on the interior

Interior space

You can hardly find the 2019 Audi A6 drawback in the interior space. Audi has redesigned the new generation A6 that brings a completely different feeling. Most visible in many details such as tableau table, touch buttons completely replace the physical buttons in the old Audi A6 model. Premium Valcona leather is finished in black with many wood and stainless steel tiles to make the cabin appearance truly modern. The A6’s steering wheel is similar to the A7 Sportback’s model.

Extremely modern cockpit on technology of A6Extremely modern cockpit on technology of Audi A6

The highlight also lies in the steering wheel cluster of the Audi A6. Electronic screen Virtual Cockpit very large, up to 12.3 “. The operator will hold information such as satellite navigation, connecting information devices such as phones or information on multimedia entertainment.

Another HUD screen helps you retrieve information and display it directly on the windshield. And yet, the speed and rotation are shown very visually by 2 watches and have the function to adjust the display size, extremely modern and luxurious. With these modern upgrades, the Audi A6 possesses a luxurious interior space which is no less than the rival Mercedes E200.

Users are offered two options of lighting technology in the A6 2019 interior: extensive lighting and contour lighting. The state-of-the-art lighting technology integrated into Audi gives you 30 colors of your choice. Thanks to that you will feel very clearly the architectural features of the car interior as well as feel the center console highlights.

The lighting technology in the interior compartment makes the Audi A6 absolutely stand out for its glamorous eleganceThe lighting technology in the interior compartment makes the Audi A6 absolutely stand out for its glamorous elegance

Car experts consider the Audi A6 very high in the luxury and class of the seating system. It offers a variety of ventilation and massage options. The rear seats are fitted with switches to connect the LATCH child seats. This is the technology that has become a common standard today for luxury cars. Compared to the old Audi A6, the new Audi A6 is wider and more open with comfort in stretching, shoulder and ceiling space.

Audi makes room for luggage in the volume of 530L A6 and can be expanded to 1,680L – quite okay with a luxury sedan. The function of opening the trunk door later has been upgraded with the car’s rear bumper sensor.

Equipped with amenities

The Audi A6 inherits almost the full facilities of the A7 elder model. With the premium version, you will value Bang & Olufsen speaker system, Voice Control with voice control, Audi A.I technology that supports the control …

You get an additional 8.6 “touchscreen with standard climate control or optional 10.1” extra size as required. As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Audi’s A6 sedan is equipped with extremely modern technologies to bring the perfect experience to the user.

Review Audi A6 in terms of engine / performance

The Audi A6 has 2 options of a 3.0-liter V6 engine: petrol engine (maximum capacity of 335 horsepower) and Diesel engine (maximum power of 282 horsepower). These two engines are integrated with an 8-speed automatic transmission as well as Quattro 4WD system full time. Users also have the option of Mild-Hybrid engine if you care about fuel efficiency. The 2019 A6 reaches a speed of 0 – 100 km / h in just 5.1s. Maximum speed is 250 km / h.

A close-up of the engine of the Audi A6 2019 luxury sedanThe Audi A6 has 2 options of a 3.0-liter V6 engine

The automatic start / stop function of the Audi A6 is great. This function helps your A6 operate at a speed of 22km / h and the car will automatically stop in case the front vehicle stops and automatically start the engine again when the previous vehicle starts moving. In tight urban traffic and congested traffic situations, this is a very welcome driver assistance function that helps relieve you from stress.

Despite being a luxury sedan, the fuel-efficient Audi A6 cannot be underestimated. The figures measured in gasoline engines in mixed circulation conditions is 6.7L / 100km, quite impressive, isn’t it? That’s thanks to the efficiency of Audi’s exclusive Ultra technology – the 2019 A6 model will actively disconnect the rear axle in some traffic conditions to help the front axle work better. With Diesel engines, fuel consumption is more impressive: an average of only 5.47L / 100km measured in mixed traffic conditions.

In terms of suspension, the user has 4 sequential options are standard steel spring suspension, sports suspension, upgraded damping control system and advanced intelligent air suspension. The frame of the Audi A6 2019 is strengthened by aluminum and mild steel, but very strong. When operating, the driver will feel Audi A6 in the serene but powerful. Thanks to that, the car gives you the feeling of driving very elegant but powerful. All operating conditions are effectively met.

One of the highlights of the Audi A6 is the level 3 autonomous technology (last year’s A8 was equipped with this technology for the first time) – the extent to which your Audi A6 can control near like every aspect of your control, besides automatically controlling all traffic along the way. Of course, you can still intervene in handling all of a sudden when you want. Technically, this advanced technology operates based on the support of 5 radar sensors, 5 cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors and a laser scanner.

Vehicles equipped with level 3 self-propelled technologyAudi A6 is equipped with level 3 self-driving technology

The Audi A6 also integrates the Audi A.I (Artificial Intelligence) artificial intelligence package suitable to the modern technology trend. Automatic functions with the help of the Artificial Intelligence system such as automatic parking (the ability to learn to automatically enter and exit the garage easily) … You can also control your Audi A6 remotely by remote or with your smart device like a smartphone. These top features you will be provided by City Assist and Tour Assist packages.

According to the company’s announcement, the Audi A6 has a drag coefficient of just 0.27 in the top class in the luxury sedan segment. This is extremely effective in saving fuel as well as minimizing noise levels due to air friction during travel.

Evaluation of Audi A6 on safety equipment

You have no doubt that the high-class safety equipment on this Audi luxury sedan is without a doubt. In addition to the standard equipment that has become the default on many current luxury sedans, here are the outstanding functions such as blind spot monitoring and warning, forward collision warning, rear collision warning vehicle, automatic emergency brake, door opening warning and lane departure warning …

Also reiterating safety technology on the Audi A6. Users will be given the option of safety support package City Assist and Tour Assist. The Tour Assist package incorporates many top technologies such as lane keeping assist, sign recognition function … As mentioned, the very advanced hardware system that supports the operation of this safety system is a sensor system. 5 radars, 5 cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors and laser scanner.

The Audi A6 has many modern safety packagesThe Audi A6 has many modern safety packages

How much is the Audi A6?

As mentioned, Audi Audi of the famous Volkswagen manufacturer has been upgraded to a new “height”, inheriting nearly all the technological elite as well as design aesthetics from models. Mr. Audi A7, Audi A8.

In Vietnam, the latest Audi A6 45 TFSI Quattro is 2.5 billion VND.

Young, modern and filled with technology, the Audi A6 is charismatic and convincing. Audi A6 can confidently compete with other luxury sedans in the same segment as BMW 5-Series or Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

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