Attorneys 'turn themselves' into cats during the online hearing

Attorneys turn himself into a cat during the online hearing

The rare incident happened in an online hearing of the District Court of Justice No. 394 in Texas (USA) on February 9.

According to CNN, the hearing was conducted via the Zoom application between Judge Roy Ferguson and three lawyers Jerry Phillips, H. Gibbs Bauer and Ron Ponton. However, when the display of the three lawyers appeared, the corner of attorney Ponton’s screen appeared a picture of a white cat. With a sad face and rolling eyes, the cat suddenly said, the voice of lawyer Ron Ponton: “Can you hear me, judge? It’s me, I’m not a cat ”.

Video: 394th District Court of Texas – Live Stream

At first, Judge Ferguson assumed that Mr. Ponton had turned on a certain effect in the Zoom app’s video settings. But the lawyer explained that he was borrowing his secretary’s computer to participate in the online hearing. Since the secretary or her daughter had turned on the cat-face effect the last time she used Zoom, this rare incident happened.

Judge Roy Ferguson also confirmed to CNN that this was an unintended incident, not an intentional joke, and he calmly instructed attorney Ponton to turn off the cat face effect on his Zoom screen. . Although the situation seemed “not very professional”, it was still resolved well by the parties, and lawyer Ron Ponton was not turned into a “joke” to his colleagues.

The CNN reporter had an issue with video effects while being on Facebook livestream

This is not the first time such a rare incident has occurred on online video streaming platforms. In February 2020, a CNN reporter in North Carolina, when appearing on a livestream from the radio’s Facebook page, encountered a series of video effects issues that caused him to be “enchanted” for bulging eyes, Wear a robot hat, grow panda ears, or dress up as a witch. However, this reporter still completed his work professionally.


Surprising truth about the member of Trump's defense attorney team

Surprising truth about the member of Trump’s defense attorney team

A member of the defense lawyers group in the impeachment hearing of Mr. Trump has participated in a number of lawsuits against the former US President in the past.

The US Chamber of Commerce appointed the first female director in history

The US Chamber of Commerce appointed the first female director in history

The US Chamber of Commerce (USCC) on February 9 announced that Suzanne Clark will become the first female chief executive officer (CEO) of this organization in 109 years.


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