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Attendance of 5 exclusive phones with super-chestnut prices less than 4 million VND

Today’s story, we will together discover top 5 exclusive smartphones with super-chestnut prices less than 4 million but possesses many outstanding advantages compared to the price range. Drag the mouse down right below to start any story, maybe you can find ‘true love’ for yourself.
Attendance 5 exclusive phones with super chestnut price less than 4 million

If you want to bring the exclusive smartphone that you like to your hands, then right to Mobile World, only here can you buy ’em’ for yourself.

1. Xiaomi Redmi 9 (4GB/64GB)

Redmi 9 (4GB / 64GB) a brand new smartphone was launched by Xiaomi not long ago. It is an impressive upgrade compared to Redmi 8, attracting the attention of technology followers.

The first upgrade point to discuss is machine performance, Xiaomi Redmi 9 is equipped with MediaTek Helio G80 8-core processor up to 2.0 Ghz. This has resulted in a 32% increase in CPU speed, 22% faster GPU processing compared to the predecessor.

Next is the strongly upgraded camera, when equipped with 4 rear cameras including: 13 MP main camera, 8 MP ultra wide angle camera, 5 MP macro camera and 2 MP depth sensor. Help you freely create, record memorable moments.

The device is equipped with a giant 5020 mAh battery and comes with 18W fast charger. As a favor for this device, it’s really rare for a cheap phone to have both a ‘buffalo’ battery and a fast charger.

An eye-catching machine in the low-cost segment, you should not ignore.

2. I live Y17

Vivo Y17 is a cheap device with many valuable equipment such as 3 rear cameras or comfortable 2-day battery capacity. So explore with me right below!

The selfie camera of the device also impresses with a terrible resolution of up to 20 MP.

In addition, this camera cluster is equipped with Vivo adding AI beauty technology and applying them to the beauty level feature when taking selfies.

The heart of the device is the 64-bit 8-core MediaTek Helio P35 chip with good performance just enough to meet basic everyday needs such as watching movies, surfing the web or playing light games.

In addition, the large battery capacity of 5000 mAh and comes with a 10W fast charger for convenient use, saving the optimal charging time. Vivo Y17 has a beautiful unibody design, adorned with youthful, dynamic and seductive colors, which is also a plus point to attract users.

3. Realme C3 (3GB / 64GB)

The Realme C3 (3GB / 64GB) is the smartphone when it comes to everyone’s impression of its strong performance. It can be said that this is a difficult opponent to beat in the cheap segment.

The device owns a beautiful design with a water drop screen spilling over the edges, the screen border has been refined by Realme for the total display area of ​​the machine up to 89.9%.

Equipped with three cameras with vertical design on the back including a 12 MP wide-angle camera and two cameras that support 2 MP depth measurement. The front camera with 5 MP resolution is integrated with AI beauty technology that optimizes the frame to give the pictures the way you best.

In terms of configuration, Realme C3 is equipped with MediaTek’s latest chip, named Helio G70 with the highest clock speed of 2.0 GHz and 3 GB of RAM. Helps you to handle everyday tasks smoothly or even allows you to play heavy games like Lien Quan at low configuration level with stability.

The huge 5000 mAh battery gives you comfortable usage time. In short, there are too many points worth buying in this machine in the cheap range, especially the performance is too good compared to the price of less than 4 million. What do you think if you own this smartphone?

4. Vsmart Star 4 (2GB/32GB)

The newest Vsmart phone is the Vsmart Star 4 (2GB / 32GB). This is also a smartphone with many valuable upgrades in terms of configuration and performance to help Vsmart continue to assert its position in the low-cost phone market.

The device is equipped with an 8-core Helio P35 processor for significantly improved performance compared to its predecessor Vsmart Star 3. In addition, the AnTuTu score measured on Vsmart Star 4 is about 109,036 points, the score not too high, but still gives a smooth experience with everyday tasks.

Another interesting point is that the device comes pre-installed with the customized VOS 3.0 operating system based on the new Android 10 interface with many smart improvements, exclusively for Vietnamese users.

The 3500 mAh battery is not too large but can be used for about a day with normal tasks.

With a selling price of less than 3 million, but what Vsmart Star 4 owns is really good when you spend money to own it. Will you choose?

5. Nokia C1

And the cheap exclusive smartphone I want to introduce today, none other than the Nokia C1. As a low-cost smartphone aimed at mainstream users, what are the highlights of this phone?

The device is equipped with a large 5.45 inch screen with HD resolution, just enough to produce bright and easy-to-see images in a variety of environmental conditions. In addition, the IPS panel also helps the screen of the machine have a wide viewing angle, high brightness as well as less color variation when viewed at an angle.

Nokia C1 owns a 1.3GHz quad-core chip, 1 GB of RAM, which can handle basic daily tasks like listening to calls, watching movies, listening to music. The battery has a capacity of 2500 mAh which is suitable for 1 day experience with normal tasks.

So the top 5 exclusive phones at the price of under 4 million were revealed in turn, each with its own impressive performance, but in general I see these machines have advantages over the selling price. .

Do not know which machine will be your ‘true love’?

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