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Attendance for “shocking” deals on 11.11 at Lazada – VnReview

Like recent years, 11/11/2020 continues to be chosen by Lazada as the biggest and most attractive promotional festival of the year with more than 11 million promotions, preferential vouchers worth up to 22 billion VND.

November 11, also known as ‘Day of the Light’, is a holiday that originated in China. This is not a traditional holiday of the most populous country in the world, but has been invented by the young people of this country in recent years. 11/11 is written with 4 hatches, symbolizing 4 sticks that indicate the loneliness and loneliness of single people. In recent years, November 11 has become the largest online shopping day in the world, with sales on Alibaba or Taobao sites consistently high.

It seems that this Singapore-based e-commerce platform is quite well prepared for its biggest sale of the year. Recently, in addition to choosing Lee Min Ho – a famous and very popular star in Southeast Asia as the representative face, Lazada also prepared an online Supershow concert on 11/11. The representative of this e-commerce platform said that it is committed to bringing the best shopping experience with the greatest promotional value for customers.

What’s in Lazada 11/11 shopping festival

The 11/11 shopping festival at Lazada is extended from 11 to 15 November. Inside, 11/11 is the most important, has the most incentives. Right before this date, customers can collect vouchers, choose products to put into cart to wait for the promotion. Then, on 11/11, Lazada’s promotions will be expanded. The period from November 12-15 are other promotions of this e-commerce floor, although not as big as November 11, but still quite attractive.

During the time of the program, Lazada said there would be more than 11 million promotions applied on this e-commerce platform with a total voucher value of 22 billion VND. In which, the voucher with the largest value worth 1.1 million VND will be released many times every day. Along with that, Lazada will apply a free shipping code for all orders from VND 30,000 and nationwide.

In addition, during Lazada’s biggest shopping festival of the year, there will be Flash Sale / Crazy Flash Sale program at 00:00, 09:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 21:00. This is a program where customers will go to the ‘Flash Sale’ category to choose the products they like with very deep discounts, even those that are sold for 1,000 VND.

For believers of branded goods, Lazada also launches the program ‘Super Sale brand name’ with a discount of 50% or more in the period of 0h00 – 2h00 on 11/11. At the same time, this e-commerce floor also coordinates with nearly 3,000 brands committed to giving the best deals to users. Customers can choose hundreds of thousands of genuine items at Lazada to have the opportunity to receive more than 111,000 accompanying gifts and enjoy discounts up to 50%. At the same time, Lazada also applies the same price program of 11,000 VND for 111,000 items.

During the biggest sale this year, Lazada also has a live show live stream game ‘Slash It: Super association slash prices – Play, win real’ with millions of VND gifts from November 1 – 11. Donors can both watch livestreams and play games to buy items such as Xiaomi phones, Electrolux washing machines, BlueStone air purifiers at surprisingly low prices.

Summary of promotion link for Lazada 11/11 program

Collect VND 1.1 million voucher for an application from VND 9 million

On 11/11 Lazada launched attractive discount vouchers at the hours from 00:00 to 09:00 – 12:00 – 16:00 to 20:00. In particular, only at 12 noon will have Flash Voucher 1.1 million for orders from 9 million VND. Not only that, on this day Lazada also has a voucher for the electronics industry of 60,000 VND for orders from 400,000 VND, 120,000 VND for orders from 800,000 VND. Link of this program here.

Free nationwide transfer

Lazada 11/11 has a lot of freeship vouchers, applicable nationwide such as 40,000 dong discount for the minimum order of 300,000 dong, 30,000 dong discount for orders from 199,000 dong … Most especially, Lazada There is also a freeship program for all orders, free nationwide shipping with products at this link.

Flash Sale / Crazy Flash Sale

Lazada 11/11 has a Crazy Flash Sale program with big, super cheap promotional products, priced from 1,000 VND in the hours of 00:00, 09:00, 12:00, 16:00 and 21:00 at this link.

Other programs

– Program ‘Super Sale brand name goods’, discount from 50% or more in the time frame 00h00 – 02h00 on 11/11 at this link.

– Top Deal Hot Selling program, up to 50% off products at this link.

– Top Deal best-selling program – D.Day up to 75% off the product price with a Freeship voucher of 30,000 VND at this link.

– The program ‘Biggest sale in 11/11 – Extremely cheap’ with all products under 99,000 VND at this link.


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