Google admits that it listens in to your conversations with Google Assistant

AT&T sued for selling its customers’ location data

Besides AT&T, other defendants include LocationSmart and Zumigo. The pair are data aggregators that collect location data and sell it to third parties. The EFF and its co-plaintiff, law firm Pierce Bainbridge, say that AT&T’s customers never gave the wireless provider the right to use its data for commercial use. The location data is meant to be used to track emergency calls only. The EFF is an international non-profit group that defends “digital privacy, free speech, and innovation.”

Google admits that it listens in to your conversations with Google Assistant

Facebook just got fined $5 billion for using its customers’ profiles without consent

The plaintiffs claim that AT&T violated the Federal Communications Act and also violated California’s unfair competition law by deceiving customers into believing that their location data was protected. The suit also alleges that AT&T, LocationSmart, and Zumigo have violated state constitutional, statutory, and common law rights to privacy. The filing asks for an injunction preventing AT&T, LocationSmart, and Zumigo from continuing its practices of selling the location data of AT&T customers. It also asks for monetary damages, punitive damages, attorneys’ fees, and other costs. The plaintiffs want any location data already sold to be returned to AT&T or destroyed.

The lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, can be found right here.

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