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Atomos Ninja V Firmware Update 10.6.1

Atomos has released a new firmware update for the Ninja V that adds a number of new features including a time lapse mode and cross conversion with the SDI AtomX module.

The Ninja V with the AtomX SDI module

Time Lapse

• Added the ability to record a time lapse sequence into a single video file.
• Recordings are possible in ProRes, DNx and ProRes RAW over HDMI or SDI.
• Ability to define the capture of sequence by changing:

– the number of frames/seconds captured
– captured every frames/seconds/minutes/hours
– for the duration specified in frames/seconds/minutes/hours

Compatibility mode for both HDMI and SDI inputs to improve signal locking from certain cameras

• HDMI input compatibility.
• Use with Z CAM.
• Use with the Canon EOS – 1D X Mark III on 4Kp50 and 60 video. • SDI compatibility.
• Increased stability of input and output locking for 12G SDI.

Monitor Leica L-Log gamma in BT2020 gamut

• Supported Leica SL2S Only.
• Updates for other models will be available in future firmware releases.

Additional features for AtomX SDI Module

• Cross Conversion of an HDMI/SDI video source:
• Added the ability to convert incoming Non-RAW HDMI video to SDI video. • Two simultaneous SDI outputs are possible.
• Added the ability to convert incoming Non-RAW SDI video to HDMI video. • Downscale and crop video while converting the signals listed above.
• Output HDR versions of the signals listed above after cross conversion.


The firmware update is available from the Atomos website.


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