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Athletic Bilbao vs Real Madrid live: Ice to the finish

In this round 34 match, Real Madrid’s opponent will be Athletic Bilbao, the team is not easy to play. Therefore, this trip is very important to Zidane’s teachers and students, because if there are 3 points, they will not only leave Barcelona to 7 points but also gain high confidence, because Bilbao will is their last tough opponent to play this season.

Real Madrid will touch the championship if they beat Athletic Bilbao (Image: Internet)

On the other side of the front line, the home team has reason to be confident when they are also in impressive form. Bilbao won 3 of the last 4 matches to get 48 points and ranked 8th on the La Liga standings. With a gap of 4 points less than Getafe, who are competing for a place in the Champions League next season, Bilbao is completely confident for his European Cup goal.

It will not be an easy match for Real Madrid, but if they win 3 points, it can be said that they will put a hand on the throne of La Liga this season.

– Athletic Bilbao vs Real Madrid live scores, results, and scores from round 34 of La Liga will be updated soonest and most complete here …

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