'At the time of war' Lim Yeong-woong, brave girl steamed fan mode → Instant'Rolin' dance Sam Mae-kyung (Feat. Lee Chan-won)[어제TV]

‘At the time of war’ Lim Yeong-woong, brave girl steamed fan mode → Instant’Rolin’ dance Sam Mae-kyung (Feat. Lee Chan-won)[어제TV]

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Singer Lim Young-woong showed Brave Girls’ hot fan.

In MBC’s’Point of Omniscient Intervention’ broadcast on April 10th, the daily life of Brave Girls, who wrote the myth of running backwards with’Rolin’, was drawn.

On this day, Song Eun-i praised the Brave Girls, saying, “I used a very dramatic myth, not usually reverse driving. All-killing the charts is really great,” and Yoo Jeong praised the Brave Girls. I took out all my luggage and went home.”

Minyoung said, “It was in early February when I summarized my opinions and told the company. The brave brother’s representative called. I read the text you sent. Sooner or later, everyone called to talk face-to-face together. It was before,” he revealed a dramatic story.

The Brave Girls washed together in the only bathroom in the hostel to go to the shop early in the morning. Manager Kim Young-cheon said, “The (brave brother) CEO originally wanted to live in an apartment accommodation, but the older sisters were so sorry to the CEO that he said,’Don’t you have to live in such a big house? “I want to go home,” he said. “I came to this house when I looked for a small house.”

Brave Girls, who visited the broadcasting station to appear on a music broadcast, met Lim Young-woong, the No. 1 candidate on the same day. When the Brave Girls appeared, Lim Young-woong said, “Suddenly, my hand is trembling. My heart is beating too much. I congratulate you on your success with steaming. I have loved it since the old days,” he said as a fan of Brave Girls. Lim Young-woong, who knows exactly how to dance the’Rolin’ stingray, climbed to the table like soldiers and performed an impromptu dance.

To the delighted Brave Girls, Lim Young-woong proved that he is a brave girl’s hot fan, saying, “I always dance with the top 6 members of’Mr. Trot’ in the waiting room of the’Love Call Center’. Wherever I go, there is a song, but I do it every day.” The main vocalist Min-young sang a line of Lim Young-woong’s new song’My Love Like a Starlight’, and Lim Young-woong praised Min-young’s singing ability.

Then Min-young said, “I’m so nervous because I sing in front of Wongokja. I’m the No. 1 candidate, but I think I can’t take the first place, so I’m trying to take even my personal skills.” Yuna made a video call for her mother, who is a fan of Lim Young-woong. Lim Young-woong, who was making a video call with Yuna’s mother and a coworker, wittily continued the conversation, saying, “Why are you wearing full makeup like this? You are always healthy and happy”.

Min-young, who saw the appearance, said, “I think you like video calls more than we ranked first.” During the military life, a phone call continued with Lee Chan-won, a fan of Brave Girls. Lee Chan-won said, “When I was in the military,’Rolin’ came out. I love it. I danced in a chair in the army quarter.”

Finally, Lim Young-woong left a certification shot while dancing’Rolin’ with the Brave Girls.

(Photo = MBC’s’Point of Omniscient Intervention’ broadcast screen capture)

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