'At the time of war' Brave Girls X Lim Young-woong, from'Rolin' dance to confession of fan spirit...  Lee Chan-won's'Pop Girl Hot Fan' certification [종합]

‘At the time of war’ Brave Girls X Lim Young-woong, from’Rolin’ dance to confession of fan spirit… Lee Chan-won’s’Pop Girl Hot Fan’ certification [종합]

[마이데일리 = 김미리 기자] Brave Girls and Lim Young-woong met.

In MBC’s’Point of Omniscient Interference’, broadcast on the night of the 10th, the Brave Girls visited Lim’s waiting room.

When the Brave Girls entered, Lim Young-woong said, “Suddenly, my hand trembles,” making me laugh. After greeting each other 90 degrees, the Brave Girls said, “I congratulate the No. 1 candidate. We were the same No. 1 candidate”, and they exchanged virtues saying that it was an honor to each other. Lim Young-woong said, “My heart is beating too much,” and “I congratulate you so much with steam.”

It is also said that Lim Young-woong has been a Brave Girls fan since ancient times. Young-woong Lim, who performed the stingray dance herself, finally climbed onto the table and performed a high-level’Rolin’ dance, arousing surprise. “I always do it in the waiting room of our (‘Love Call Center’),” said Lim Young-woong. Then it is automatically reflected.”

Min-young also showed her fan spirit for Lim Young-woong. Min-young said, “I really like (Lim Young-woong) song, so I have been listening to it even in the car.”

Yuna carefully asks Lim Young-woong. Yuna said, “My mom is a very hot fan, so can I make a video call?”, and Lim Young-woong said, “I like it so much,” and “Will I be able to make an audio call?”

Accordingly, a video call was made between Lim Young-woong and Yuna’s mother. Min-young, who was watching this in the studio, laughed, saying, “I think you like talking to Senior Lim Young-woong more than we ranked first.”

The person that Lim Young-woong requested to speak with the Brave Girls is Lee Chan-won. When Lim Young-woong said, “Brave Girls is in the waiting room for my brother,” Lee Chan-won said, “What can I do?” Lee Chan-won said, “When I was in the military,’Rolin’ came out.” “I love it so much. He confessed his fan spirit, saying, “I danced along in the chairs in our real quarter.”

After finishing the phone call, Lim Young-woong said, “Not only Chanwon, but all the members of our (‘Love Call Center’)” asked me to dance’Rolin’ together. The figure of Brave Girls and Lim Young-woong dancing’Rolin’ together gave a warm feeling.

[사진 = MBC 방송 캡처]

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