At the beginning of the year, you should not go wrong when renting a motorbike in a strange place

To be able to rent a motorcycle like that in a strange place is not easy. Not to mention the case of being cheated, then must compensate for damage due to his negligence.

Renting a car is not appropriate

At the beginning of the year, young people often choose to go on a trip. Instead of staying at home to celebrate Tet with their families, they took advantage of traveling there when they were young. For those of you who already have a motorbike, that’s okay. Just check and repair the car very well is not worried about the vehicle. But for those who do not have a car or travel by coach, when it comes to a new location, renting a car is extremely difficult.

Many cases are tricked into “broken” car rental and have to pay to repair while on the road. Not to mention the car owner has to pay damages. It is both costly and causes a sense of inhibition, causing your outing to be ruined by negative emotions.

“Last year I went to Nha Trang to play, we all rented a motorbike to run everywhere for cheap. Juggling how to hire the whole car to stall the engine down. Must walk more than 2 km, inhibit unbearable ”, friend Do Thanh Nam, a student at HCMC Cultural School. Ho Chi Minh said.

Not to mention, many young people still encounter the situation of renting a car but could not use it. Typically, girls often love motorcycles or clutches to get selfies with them, but they don’t know when they drive. Then when traveling on rugged terrain, roads, hills and mountains, rent scooters. It makes no sense to use it.


Nguyen Thi Bong, from Binh Thanh District, said: “When I first went to Ha Giang, I was not familiar with the road. Renting a cheap Sirius, one can only run under the plain, up the mountain pass, it is acceptable. So had to miss my trip. “

Do not rent a cheap car

According to many young people who have a lot of travel experience, absolutely should not because of cheap car hire that choose to rent. Usually rental locations will have different prices depending on the type of vehicle and its condition. But mostly ranging from VND 100-200 thousand for digital vehicles, while scooters or clutches are higher.

Do not love cheap cars because often not good quality such prices. If you hire them, you may experience failures while driving. In case of going into remote areas, the more and more miserable because the sword does not go to the car repair.

“The cause of the inhibition was also because the whole group decided to rent cheap cars. Because thinking of the total cost of 7.8 units is too high. Want to leave that money to another purpose, ”Nam said.


In many places, landlords also do “magic” to change old cars with shiny outfits. But the inside is old so it’s easy to get damaged. Therefore, it is best to choose reputable and quality addresses. You can go online to refer to the experiences of other players so that you don’t have any problems.

Another thing to note is that you must bring the full papers as your identity and driver’s license when renting a car. It not only helps you prove your identity when the authorities suddenly check. But also the necessary paperwork when making a car rental contract.

In particular, always remember to carefully read the terms of the contract and keep it signed. This will help you master your rights and avoid paying useless money when a car-related incident occurs. Also prevent fraud or hire a car to be stolen. It will take time and trouble if you lose this receipt.

When you pick up your car, check your vehicle carefully. See if it is damaged or signs of damage. From there, you can discuss with the lessee to change the car or authenticate into the contract. Avoid when things happen, you are charged and must compensate for the damage.


In the end, it is still advisable to choose a car that is suitable for you as well as your journey. If it is a hilly road, you should choose cars with strong engines to climb the mountain pass. If traveling on a flat road, a car or scooter is a more viable option. Do not make your trip unhappy by this.


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