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At dawn again, why is Civilization so viscous?

Core points

“Civilization” has an important place in the history of games and defines 4X game types. And the “one more turn” accompanied by another round of illness is spreading widely among its players. One more turn refers to an infinite loop of playing one more time, thereby ignoring time, neglecting the call of parents when dining, or even forget to sleep. When the player turned back, he was surprised to find that it turned on early in the morning.

The reasons that can cause such high-viscosity game symptoms can be summarized as follows:

  • Multi-threaded game targets
  • The thrill of completion
  • The goal advancement means is explicit and simple, while the process is implicit and complex.

One more turn! One more turn! One more turn! !!

Multi-threaded game targets

Players make multiple game plans during the game. Plans include the exploration of unknown areas, the use of a large number of physical hammers for a world miracle, or a military war. Whichever plan is completed will produce exciting feedback and wonderful unknown results. These game plans can be viewed as big goals in the game. Big goals take more time, but they will generate strong positive game feedback when completed.

When players advance these game plans, they will generate more small goals to fill the player’s game rhythm. The small targets are numerous and appear alternately. They are difficult to complete, but they also have good positive feedback after completion. The design of this multi-threaded game goal puts the player in the stimulus that the goal can be completed almost every round.

Dark green goals are about to be completed throughout each round

Pleasure to be completed Zaegnik memory effect

Compared with the joy and accomplishment after completing the goal, the goal is about to be completed, which will have a strong stimulus and expectation for the player. When people’s work needs to be completed in a short time, they will tend to complete the work at hand, and then consider the arrangement of other things. In this state, the player’s game behavior is not easily interrupted by the outside world.

This situation is interpreted as the “Zeigarnik effect”. This theory holds that people have an instinct to drive things to completion, and those things that haven’t been processed will be more impressed than those that have already been processed.

Russian psychologist BlumaZeigarnik

Unstoppable and predictive positive feedback

At the end of the old round and the beginning of the new round, there will be many variables and new emergencies in the game. For example, being involved in a war, or discovering new wonders and encountering unknown civilizations, such emergencies will be accompanied by new opportunities and challenges. If the player can adopt a reasonable response strategy, he can speed up the advance of the previous plan, otherwise it is a potential danger. If he does not handle it properly, he will lose his previous efforts.

In order to avoid losses and speed up the progress of the target, as well as the unknown expectations for the next round, it can generate positive stickiness for the game, guide the player to continue the game, kill the game time, and it is difficult to be interrupted.

The end of each round is the beginning of a new round

The goal advancement means is explicit and simple, while the process is implicit and complex.

The next round, I can …

When the player is only a few turns away from an object to complete it, he is caught in a self-suggestion. Just click on the next round to advance the goal progress, and a few more times to complete the goal.

The simplicity and clearness of the goal advancement method has made the player inertia of the game and created the illusion of cost. I thought I could achieve my goal quickly with a small amount of effort. In fact, when the player really advances the round, I will inevitably fall into the ranks to build a soldier first. There is a luxury product over there. The immigrants here take a step forward to reach their destination. These additional but important behaviors cause players to spend more time than expected in actually advancing the game, and are difficult to detect in advance. It only takes a few minutes for the player to perform these two or three rounds subconsciously with a few mouse clicks, but the actual situation may have passed one night.

– in conclusion –

Players have an instinctive driving force for the goal to be completed, and the design of multi-threaded goals allows this driving force to run through the game.

The goal promotion method is simple and direct, ensuring the smooth rhythm of the game, and giving players the illusion of cost required to continue the game. Ignore the passage of time.

Unpredictable changes, the unpredictable next round, so that every advancement of the player is full of expectations and form motivation.

These designs form a closed-loop rhythm of the game, creating inertia that immerses players. Originally I wanted to end another round, but it turned into an endless One more turn.

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