'At Battle' Brave Girls X Lim Hero,'Rolin' Challenge Completely Digested...  Chanwon Lee, fan heart explodes on phone connection [어저께TV]

‘At Battle’ Brave Girls X Lim Hero,’Rolin’ Challenge Completely Digested… Chanwon Lee, fan heart explodes on phone connection [어저께TV]

[OSEN=김예솔 기자] The Brave Girls and Lim Young-woong met as first place candidates.

At MBC’s’All-in-One Intervention Point’, broadcast on the 10th, Brave Girls and Lim Young-woong met at the No. 1 candidate to show off a special chemistry.

On this day, the members of the Brave Girls were nominated for the first place along with Lim Young-woong in the music program. The Brave Girls went directly to Lim’s waiting room and said hello. When I saw the Brave Girls, Lim Young-woong was very happy to see the Brave Girls and congratulated her on the reverse run, saying, “I really congratulate you.”

Lim Young-woong said, “I have liked Brave Girls since ancient times,” and imitated the stingray dance and chair dance of’Rolin’ and made a laugh. “I do it all the time in the waiting room these days. When a song comes out, it’s an automatic reflection,” said Lim Young-woong.

Lim Young-woong laughed as he was embarrassed, saying, “I am the representative body.” Min-young said, “I love Hero’s song so I sing it every day in the car.” Minyoung said, “The song rang in my heart.”

Minyoung said, “I don’t think I can take Hero’s first place,” and said, “I practiced my eco-personal skills to take even my personal skills.” Lim said, “It won’t be easy. I’ve never lost an Echo skill.” Min-young showed off his Echo personal skills, and Lim Young-woong was surprised and said, “You seem to be doing better than me.”

On this day, Lim Young-woong made a call to Chan-won Lee to greet the members of the Brave Girls. Lee Chan-won said, “When I was in the military,’Rolin’ came out. I followed everyone in the quarter and did that.”

Lim Young-woong said that she wanted to dance’Rolin’ together, and even performed a dance with the members of the Brave Girls, causing laughter. On this day, the manager drew attention by preparing a surprise event while congratulating the last room of Brave Girls’Rolin’. Lee Young-ja said, “I want to applaud the Brave Girls once again.”

On the other hand, on this day, Yoo Min-sang drew attention when he said that he was on a diet. Stylist Yoo Min-sang said, “I started on a diet because the clothes I had sponsored didn’t fit.” Yoo Min-sang said, “I am filming’Delicious Guys’, but Min-sang and Se-yoon told me to change seats. I said that I was covering Se-yoon.” “It’s the worst,” he said, making the surroundings laugh.

On this day, Yoo Min-sang went on to shoot a profile with the members of the agency’s family members Kim Dae-hee, Kim Min-kyung, and Ral-Lal. Yoo Min-sang drew attention by showing a strange smile while watching the shooting scene of Kim Min-gyeong. Yang Se-hyung, who saw this, said, “I am expressing interest while teasing me that it is the best.” In response, Yoo Min-sang said, “I’m going to make fun of Min-kyung, but I edited this like this,” and made a laugh.

At this time, Hong Yun-hwa and Kim Min-ki appeared, attracting attention by asking for a strangely couple photo of Yoo Min-sang and Kim Min-kyung. After seeing this, Song Eun-yi said, “Quickly catch Minkyung,” and made a laugh.

Hong Yun-hwa brought the paper he was eating and caught his eye. Hong Yun-hwa said, “It was delivered overseas from Germany.” Yoo Min-sang said, “I brought it to the studio.” Yang Se-hyung said, “It feels like eating several tapes.” Then, Yoo Min-sang took out a spoonful of snacks to eat. Yoo Min-sang said, “It tastes a bit like dog food,” and made a laugh.
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