At 2/3 of her sentence She fears the release of the “denture rapist”


One of the victims of the “denture rapist” is worried that the latter may soon be able to regain his freedom because of the reductions in sentence.

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Jacques Groleau has been convicted on several occasions for sexual assault and rape on several generations of women.

Sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2011, he could be released very soon, because he will then have served 2/3 of his sentence.

On the program “Denis Lévesque”, one of her former victims explained that she feared the man’s exit.

“He has shown that he is systematically relapsing and I understand that the risks are still very high,” she said.

“The vision of our justice system is social reintegration at all costs. We can’t keep a dangerous criminal like him in jail if we are not 100% sure that he is going to do something serious against a person. “

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said she was assaulted after the criminal escaped from Cowansville penitentiary.

“All of his acts were planned by the time he escaped from prison. It was very, very, very well planned. He really shattered the prison system by escaping and going to Montreal to continue his escapades, ”she said.

She also confided how Jacques Groleau’s last release from prison created post-traumatic stress in her.

“The consequences of his actions on my life were enormous,” said the one who notably stopped studying after his assault.

“We don’t have a lot of help. You almost have to kneel in front of the IVAC to get a little help. We put much less effort into helping victims than helping criminals. ”

See the rest of his interview in the video above.



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