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Must also mention the base of the joint ASUS VZ249H The design is extremely special for users to adjust the position of the screen up or down at an angle of -5 degrees to +20 degrees to create the most comfortable view for users even if you set the screen. in any position on the desk. The stand is quite solid and sturdy, ensuring that the position you use is not messy, but it is not too convenient for you to adjust the height at many levels as with "rich children". Pro Stand from Apple with the price of "dinosaurs" up to 999USD. Believe me, for less than 4 million VND, you'll buy a pretty screen stand with a gift of a slim 23.8 inch LCD screen!

Coming to the display quality of the screen, I must say that the IPS panel used by ASUS ASUS VZ249H It is relatively stable when it comes to colors that are good, clear colors but not enough "flaming" as with other expensive IPS panels. In return for the brightness and viewing angle are all very good, even if brought back a few years ago, the platform used on the product can be classified as the ranks for high-end displays. The only minus point of this platform is that the scanning rate is only 60Hz, not reaching 75Hz as many other popular high-end screens currently own. This difference at low speed is quite clear, noticeable by the naked eye, but not as difficult to distinguish as it is from 144Hz to 165Hz on high-end displays.

Another commendable plus ASUS VZ249H It is worth considering that it is the company's 3-year home warranty program for its products. Now you no longer have to worry about transportation, waiting to receive the product. Just call the switchboard, ASUS will send staff to review and warranty your monitor. This is quite a rare thing for common display lines of other brands.

Truong Thanh

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