Luxurious ASUS VG278QF display

Asus VG278QF Monitor – The companion of every gamer

For gamers today, Asus monitors are always the first choice designed for high-intensity games, sharp images. ASUS VG278QF monitor is a 27 ”Full HD gaming monitor with super-fast 0.5ms * response time and ultra-fast 165Hz refresh rate to give you super smooth gaming pleasure with the most demanding gamers.

Luxurious design, eye-catching

ASUS VG278QF display Own beautiful design suitable for all spaces used from home, office to game room. The screen possesses an ultra-thin 1cm edge that provides an immersive visual space that can cover the whole scene.

Super refresh rate

ASUS VG278QF display With an amazing refresh rate of up to 165Hz, the processing of moving images is frighteningly fast. Users no longer have to be frustrated with the latency when you now take advantage of the super hot games on the market today such as first-person shooter, racing, real-time strategy games and other Sports game titles.

Super refresh rate

GameFast Input technology brings extremely accurate action scenes

ASUS VG278QF display GameFast Input technology is used to minimize input lag, providing faster motion signal transmission for gamers to keep up with the speed of the action in the game timely and extremely accurately.

Advanced Adaptive-Sync technology

ASUS VG278QF display Equipped with advanced Adaptive-Sync (FreeSync ™) technology, which eliminates the phenomenon of broken images, blurred images and broken frames, giving users extremely smooth images to enhance the experience when used.

Advanced Adaptive-Sync technology

Low blue light technology helps protect the eyes best

Its proprietary Ultra-Low Blue Light technology reduces the amount of harmful blue light that affects the eyes when used. Users can easily adjust and select different filter settings on the screen easily through the DisplayWidget interface and enjoy comfort without fear of eye strain and eye damage when used in long time.

Convenient and diverse connection port

ASUS VG278QF display Supports a variety of connectivity options, including dual-link DVI-D, DisplayPort 1.2 and HDMI (v1.4), making it easy for users to connect to a variety of multimedia devices.

Convenient and diverse connection port

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