ASUS Strix RTX 2070 Super – Enhance mid-range card range

ASUS Strix RTX 2070 Super – Enhance the mid-high-end card range

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ASUS Strix RTX 2070 Super

ASUS Strix RTX 2070 Super – After being intensely pushed by the "red team" with the launch of the RX 5700XT series during the recent E3 event, NVIDIA quickly responded by releasing a "refresh" version. of current processor chips based on Turing architecture thanks to optimization of the production process to create the RTX Super product line with improved performance and marketed on the evening of July 2 last Hourly Vietnam.

ASUS can be considered as one of the earliest manufacturers to introduce product lines ASUS RTX 20 Super Marketed just a day later and was pleased to have the first product available in the market with the name ASUS Strix RTX 2070 Super.

This is one of the company's "flagship" products in the mid-range segment – so it inherits the best designs today for ROG Strix product line to ensure operability for a chip. New graphics, stronger, "consume more power" and also generate more heat.

Therefore, at the first glance, the product has made an impression almost like the "elder" ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 O8G GAMING that the group had a chance to test before.

The first product in the series of RTX Super products available in Vietnam market, ASUS Strix RTX 2070 Super has shown it has lifted the product positioning to a new level while keeping the price and competition of the previous RTX 2070 graphics card.


It must be said that in the past few years, ASUS has also started to … lazy to design the box of its own style products like the way many manufacturers or made before, so the design of the exterior ASUS Strix RTX 2070 Super It is simply a popular box with the "blue team" main color scheme, product image and ROG RGB logo showing its proprietary Aura Sync technology.

The back of the box remains noteworthy and has become familiar with the RTX product line in the past year such as MaxContact technology for more "smooth" CPU contact surfaces, axial fans, or technology. Aura Sync color lamp.

Carry out "peeling boxes" with any product! The first impression can be seen immediately,
ASUS Strix RTX 2070 Super it was bigger, heavier, "firmer" than the previous RTX 2070, thanks to the "radiator" radiator of the higher-end product lines, with 2.7 times the thickness Standard thick graphics card a PCI Express slot instead of just twice as thick as before.

Not only thick with the "oversized" heatsinks but this radiator also possesses two MaxContact technology contact strips that are interconnected by a set of six shiny chrome heat sinks and simultaneous heat dissipation for the entire chip. RTX 2070 Super graphics processor and GDDR6 RAM range.

The main boost for heat dissipation is the axial fan system with impellers connected to an outer ring instead of a single impeller like conventional wing-blade fans.

The first impression can be seen immediately,
The ASUS Strix RTX 2070 Super is bigger, heavier, "tougher" than the previous RTX 2070 version.

This fan design helps reduce air turbulence due to the bending of the single rotor when operating at high speed, which helps to increase the air flow through the rotor to 40% but will put a small pressure on the fan's main axis. . Therefore, the shaft and fan bearings must be made of more durable materials than conventional fan models.

Similar to the previous ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 O8G GAMING model, ASUS Strix RTX 2070 Super It takes two 8 + 8pin power supplies to supply enough power for the operation of the new generation processor chip with TDP increased to 215W instead of the TDP of only 175W as of the previous generation.


Not only does the "look" look like his senior, ASUS Strix RTX 2070 Super also has many internal parameters pursuing the "close-up" of RTX 2080 with 2560 core Shader operating at a standard 1635MHz clock and the highest boost rate can reach 1935MHz, a pretty "dinosaur" figure. compared to the boost pulse level of only 1770MHz version Founder’s Edition.

Although it is not completely replaceable for the RTX 2080 series of graphics cards as some of the previous rumors, but with this new power, the product can bring the power of the mid-range product line up to very close. High-end products with a power boost of 7% to 12% compared to the previous RTX 2070 series depending on different tests according to the manufacturer's information.

This also makes the RTX 2080 series still exist but not completely "dead" like RTX 2070, but it also faces a serious threat with a much higher price but does not reach the level Increase impressive power. Perhaps in the near future, this product line will gradually be "lightened" before completely replaced by the RTX 2080 Super product line is about to be "released" in the near future.

Not only does the "look" look like its senior, the ASUS Strix RTX 2070 Super also possesses many parameters to pursue "close" of RTX 2080.


As a "refreshed" product after only one year of launch, ASUS Strix RTX 2070 Super shows that the "essence" of the medium and high-end product line is being pushed to a new level both in design and power.

This will be a strong "preemptive blow" before AMD Navi products are officially launched and "landed" on July 7.

Now, with the same power but not in the "bottom" as with the previous standard version, both products will have intense "battle scenes" to win the "throne" of the line. Today's high-end, high-end graphics card.


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