ASUS RTX 20 Super "landed" Vietnam market –

ASUS RTX 20 Super "landed" Vietnam market

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Today, July 3, ASUS announced the ASUS RTX 20 Super product group to Vietnam market

Although there have been many rumors all the time, but until now, NVIDIA officially introduced the NVIDIA RTX 20 Super and ASUS is one of the first to bring graphics cards ASUS RTX 20 Super About Vietnam market.

This is almost a refreshing version of NVIDIA for the graphics card line using the new Turing architecture thanks to optimized architecture and production lines to deliver products with higher power in same segment.

This is also a "green blow" for the red team when the AMD Navi products released in the past E3 proved to be "dominating" the RTX 20 series products in the same segment.

With the new generation of NVIDIA RTX 20 Super processor chips, ASUS has been "processed" into three product lines. ASUS RTX 20 Super The ROG Strix range is familiar to gamers who have a "big lean" radiator familiar to gamers from the GTX 10 series with a number of small improvements to suit the line of cards. New generation graphics.

The Dual Evo series has two radiator fans with some "colorful" design and trim cuts for users to focus on product strength rather than other decorations.

Finally, the Turbo product line with a radiator fan and squirrel cage design directs the wind flow in one direction, suitable for machine learning and machine learning systems.

However, the company has not announced the official price of its product lines. will update the latest information to readers in the future!

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