Asus officially brought to Vietnam a series of extreme X570 motherboards - Photo 2.

Asus officially brought to Vietnam a series of extreme X570 motherboards

If you have to mention the brand with the most extensive product range for the most audience, it is impossible not to mention Asus. In addition to the sub-brands for gamers such as Republic of Gamer, Strix, TUF or familiar names for popular users like Prime, this time there is the participation of Pro series for Workstation systems.

The most advanced of Asus X570 chipset motherboards appeared in Vietnam this time nobody else is the Crosshair VIII Formula. Possessing a legacy, bulky design, a lot of skittish armor and shadows, the Crosshair VIII Formula is a motherboard for Enthusiast PCs with extremely tough builds, select components and especially for systems expensive water radiator system. Seamless phase on the VRM circuit is cooled by the world's leading water radiator brand EK. Thermal armor and heat sink for chipset and SSD M.2 are seamlessly combined with the pioneering LED RGB effect on the market.

The cleaner version of the Crosshair VIII Formula is the Crosshair VIII Hero (Wifi) with a somewhat more modest heat dissipation solution but still very powerful in ROG brand standards, still cool and still "quality". Besides, the Crosshair VIII Hero (Wifi) is equipped with more expansion slots on the Formula and the number of supported USB ports on this motherboard version is equally impressive.

Asus officially brought to Vietnam a series of extreme X570 motherboards - Photo 3.

A better balance between cost and performance, Asus' ROG Strix brand offers gamers the choice of X570-E Gaming with familiar design language, trendy typography lines and stylish "true" style. that gamers still pursue mixing with angular lines and then create accents with extremely delicate and excellent RGB led system.

Bringing in very basic features for gaming: strong and stable is the TUF Gaming series, the gaming brand is still quite young but has created a large eco-system TUF Alliance. Asus TUF Gaming X570 motherboard provides gamers a military-style design with golden-gray tone, durable components and a qualified performance level to be able to form a PC Gaming with pleasant cost.

Not to mention non-gaming Asus Prime, though not for gamers, but its beautiful white design also makes gamers superhuman. Designed for business or entertainment purposes, the Prime X570 stands out from the rest of the motherboards by having a bright color tone with the majority of white details showing a full luxury. difference, performance is always acceptable at extremely soft prices.

Especially in the launch of this X570 motherboard of Asus is the appearance of the Pro Series for Workstation. Because it is used for business purposes, Asus cuts everything down to bring the motherboard to the most basic level and prioritizes stability for the job. Without RGB LEDs there is not much redundancy. With the level of a home as the server and workstation motherboard, Asus had no trouble putting the workstation version of the X570 chipset in this launch.

However, whether the ROG, ROG Strix, TUF Gaming motherboards or whatever, the X570 chipset makes this series of motherboards more attractive by completely new PCIe 4.0 interface with higher bandwidth many times more than PCIe 3.0. That means you will have faster USB ports, a stronger graphics card, faster SSD and especially when it is combined with the added value from the Asus motherboard. PC Gaming in the near future of gamers will have a good wood body and a nice paint.

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