Sforum - Latest technology information page Asus-ZenFone-6-launch-on-stage-Valencia-2019-920x507 Asus has been stripped of its trademark rights.

Asus is deprived of the right to use the "Zenfone" trademark in India, the Zenfone 6 will be renamed to Asus 6Z

Due to the name dispute issues, Asus has recently been stripped of its trademark "Zenfone" in India, making the Zenfone 6 renamed Asus 6z.

Asus Zenfone series is one of the famous brands that Asus has focused on in recent years. However, it seems that this manufacturer has recently had a big problem with this Zenfone brand as it will soon have to rename its Zenfone phones due to trademark issues.

Specifically, according to reports, in India, operator Telecare sued Asus for using the "Zenfone" brand name illegally. Telecare said that they have owned the brand "Zen" and "ZenMobile" since 2008, so the Asus Zenfone brand, introduced for the first time in 2014, is illegal without the consent of Telecare. Telecare also said that because both parties are selling the same product lines, it is inevitable that confusion of brand names is inevitable.

Sforum - The latest technology information page nexus2cee_ASUS-Chairman-Jonney-Shih-and-ZenFone-Brand-Ambassador-Gong-Yoo-show-ZenFone-4-Famil Asus has been stripped of trademark use

As for Asus, the company said the name "Zenfone" was inspired by the belief of founder Jonney Shih on Zen philosophy and the name Zenfone is known to be related to this manufacturer. Even so, the last lawsuit was tipped toward Telecare, which forced the company to stop using the Zenfone brand.

Sforum - Latest technology information page Screen-Shot-2019-06-08-at-2.23.12-PM Asus is stripped of its trademark use rights

Since July 23, according to the ruling from the court, Asus will be banned from distributing all product lines under the name "Zen" and "Zenfone". This move caused Asus to change the name of the smartphone currently distributed under the name "Zenfone" in this market, including the recently launched Asus Zenfone 6. Accordingly, the Zenfone 6 will be renamed to Asus 6Z and will be applied to all retail and e-commerce systems in the country.

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Article source: Android Police

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