Asus announces Prime X299 motherboard with a super-powerful 30-year anniversary version - Photo 1.

Asus announced the Prime X299 motherboard, a 30-year super-powerful version

Settings for extreme overclocking

LGA 2066 socket is compatible with powerful Intel Core X processor line up to 18 processing cores, 44 PCIe lanes and TDP 165W. To achieve these heights need a large amount of energy, especially when overclocked, because the Prime X299 Edition 30 is equipped with a high-end power solution. The highest-end PCB-based motherboard with 16 powerful cooling power levels to maintain 544W of power output – overclocking multiple CPU cores to deliver tremendous performance.

Controlling heat on VRM is extremely important to maintaining high performance and that is not just about having enough area on the PCB surface. The airflow and volume are extremely important criteria, so the radiator system throughout the energy circuit is balanced between the thin dissipation and the thick radiators and 40mm fans are hidden below and only works. every time needed.

Stay connected to the latest standards

With superior design and more, the Prime X299 Edition 30 is upgraded with both wired and wireless networks. With a reliable Gigabit Ethernet controller combined with the Aquantia 5G chip, it provides ultra-wide and fast bandwidth. Built-in Wi-Fi module on the circuit is also the latest type of Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 for 2.4Gbps bandwidth in theory.

Asus announced the Prime X299 motherboard, a 30-year super-powerful anniversary version - Photo 2.

2 Thunderbolt 3 ports with DisplayPort give content creators an easy way to connect a variety of external storage devices and display screens. There are plenty of USB ports for high-end peripherals, including the front-end connection with USB 3.2 Gen 2 for compatible, high-end models. DTS audio technology: X Ultra is designed for Gaming, XR, VR with multi-channel support and based on different objects.

Small things make a big difference

Audio ports through the built-in I / O shield will be better than the traditional design and easier to install. The extremely careful attention to every little detail in the design has improved the overall experience of the system. From adjusting the pins for radiator fans to the built-in features, it is possible to directly update the firmware via UEFI.

The Prime X299 Edition 30 does not need a separate OLED display because it has one separate device. Below the socket area is the 2 "LiveDash screen, which displays statistics on the system, customizations, still images and even animated GIFs.

Smile and wave your hand on the Smart Dashboard

Another LiveDash screen is equipped for the Smart Control Panel system. This external module will connect to the motherboard via USB with the erection rack and place on the normal monitor. Built-in display on the Smart Control Panel is controlled separately from the LiveDash screen on the circuit

1 infrared webcam allows 720p resolution Smart control panel supports operating system login via Windows Hello security port. It also has the ability to track movements and gestures to activate features like scrolling and scrolling, dragging, dropping, zooming in, zooming, sliding, and swiping. An integrated microphone to use AI Cortana through voice recognition. It is also equipped with a light sensor to adjust to the surrounding environment and receive information when users are using or leaving their computer.

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