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ASUS announced the price of AMD X570 chipset motherboards in Vietnam, from VND 6 million to VND 21.7 million

ASUS has just officially announced the concept of AMD X570 chipset series for the 3rd generation Ryzen processor in Vietnam. Accordingly we will have 9 choices, with prices starting from 6 million to the most advanced line up to 21.7 million.

List and price of ASUS chipset AMD X570 series motherboards

  • ROG Crosshair VII Formula: VND 21,719,000
  • ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (Wifi): VND 11,950,000
  • ROG Crosshair VII Hero: VND 11,449,000
  • ROG STRIX X570-E Gaming: VND 9,569,000
  • ROG STRIX X570-F Gaming: VND 7,909,000
  • PRIME X570-PRO / CSM: 7,349,000 VND
  • TUF Gaming X570-PLUS (Wifi): VND 6,389,000
  • TUF Gaming X570-PLUS: VND 5,979,000
  • PRIME X570-P: VND 6,039,000

You can easily see that the X570 motherboard is quite expensive, even higher than the equivalent line for Intel. However, this is understandable because the X570 chipset offers a lot of advanced features, especially the presence of PCIe 4.0 interface so high-priced motherboards are understandable. Besides, with the 3rd generation of Ryzen CPU, AMD now competes with Intel in terms of performance, not just good price.

9 ASUS motherboards are housed into 4 main lines: ROG Crosshair, ROG STRIX, PRIME and TUF Gaming. In which the most advanced ROG Crosshair line is aimed at overclocking enthusiasts, wanting to own a motherboard that can help maximize the AMD Ryzen processor. Lower is ROG STRIX line for gamers with beautiful design and support overclocking when needed. If the cost is modest, TUF Gaming will be a reasonable choice for gamers at affordable prices but still possesses the advanced features of the 3rd generation Ryzen platform. Using common media is simply using the device daily, not too stressful about advanced features like overclocking or colorful lights.

ROG Crosshair VII Formula is the most advanced motherboard series using ASUS X570 chipset, designed to be compatible with water cooling systems by EK

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The motherboard of X570 chipset still uses socket AM4, so it is still backward compatible with Ryzen generation 1 and 2, but will limit the feature

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The X570 chipset has a TDP of 15 W and should be designed with a separate cooling fan


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