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“Astra Lost in Space” Review


Evaluation 77 points All 12 episodes

Synopsis In 2063 AD, students at Caird High School are distressed on the planet Macpa, the destination of a planetary camp that says, “Spend five days alone in the wilderness.”Quote-Wikipedia


  1. Completed sci-fi mystery

    1. Let’s go to the planet camp!
    2. trip
    3. werewolf
    4. Everything is connected
    5. Mislead
    6. An epilogue named the final episode
  2. General comment: Foreshadowing recovery of angry waves

    1. Personal impression: Review difficult

Completed sci-fi mystery

The original is a comic book counterattack.
Directed by Masaomi Ando and produced by Lerche.
Although it is a one-cool animation, one episode and the final episode are said to consist of one hour
It has a slightly special story structure.

Let’s go to the planet camp!

Image source: From Astra Lost in Space Episode 1
© Kenta Shinohara / Shueisha / Astra Production Committee Beyond

The story is that the heroine becomes a school “planet camp”
It starts from the place where you leave.
As we head to the starting point, the main characters gather in a natural way,
Each character is impressed in an easy-to-understand manner.

The heroine is missing somewhere,
The main character is a type who is confident in physical strength like brain muscle,
With a woman with glasses and a little girl who looks dark there
“Easy-to-understand” characters gather.

The character design is also very excellent and the female characters are cute,
Characters are firmly divided according to hairstyle and hair color,
There are many comical and gag from the beginning.

Such a comical atmosphere changes to a serious atmosphere at once.
Being sucked into the “mysterious sphere” that appeared on the visited planet
They are thrown into space.
Neither the characters nor the viewers know what’s going on.

It’s exciting because I don’t understand.
From episode 1, self-sacrificing behavior that seems to be the hero of the “hero” ,,
The appearance of overcoming troubles with “cooperation” by the main characters
It makes you feel like you are watching a science fiction movie.

Nine people who were flown to a planet 5012 light-years away,
Can they survive safely with only three days’ worth of food?
Why were they skipped?
By making one episode into one hour, the origin of the story is changed.
It shows well, and the future development is naturally anxious.


Image source: From Astra 2 episodes over there
© Kenta Shinohara / Shueisha / Astra Production Committee Beyond

One episode, one episode, they go around the planet that can be reached with the food they got
We are about to return to our planet.
Landing on an unknown planet where there is no such thing as humanity,
They go around the stars, securing food and water.

In such a situation, trouble may occur.
For such animals and plants that there are unknown plants and creatures because of unknown planets
They work together to confront while being attacked.
What each person can do, what each person can do
We will tackle the difficulties by working together to overcome them.

It’s a straight story.
It makes me feel comfortable enough to say that it is a royal road
While drawing such a royal road story “comical”
Sometimes while drawing seriousness that delves into the past of the main characters
We will deepen mutual understanding.

What I want to draw in each episode, the part to focus on is solid,
As the story progresses, the impression of the characters deepens and their journey becomes interesting.
Even if there is a more serious atmosphere in a crisis situation
It’s not strange, but there are many gag scenes and it’s light.
It doesn’t become too heavy to be drawn.


Image source: From Astra 3 episodes over there
© Kenta Shinohara / Shueisha / Astra Production Committee Beyond

In such a moderate gag and seriousness
The existence of a “traitor” is smelled.
A communication device that was intentionally broken,
A mysterious sphere that feels some kind of intent to attack
Who, why, and why are they doing this?

The elements of mystery create a narrative pull,
Instead of showing a royal story to the royal road
Show the other side of the royal road by adding mystery elements
It’s a story.

Let them search for “who is the traitor” from the perspective of the hero.
There is an element like “human wolf” in this work.
The more the story goes on, the more unraveling what they are involved in.

Not a member who should have been randomly selected
The fact that it was about to be “slaughtered all at once” intentionally.
There are traitors in the absence of a closed space.
It wouldn’t be strange if the suspicion became stronger and more serious
This work makes it brighter with a light gag.

A gag born from the character’s original personality and brightness
It doesn’t prolong the squeaky atmosphere, and it should be heavy as a story
The comical of this work
In a good way, it makes this work light and easy to see.

While there may be traitors, the relationship between the characters deepened,
It has led to their growth and change.
Every episode, every episode, the goodness of the break where the story ends where you care is also wonderful,
Naturally I want to see the next story.

As the story progresses, the world view of this work will be revealed naturally,
That makes this work deeper.
A world view where you don’t understand anything at first, a situation where you don’t understand anything,
“Their own identity”, which they do not even know their confidence, connects the dots,
Everything is connected so that a beautiful straight line is created.

Everything is connected

Image source: From Astra Lost in Space 9 episodes
© Kenta Shinohara / Shueisha / Astra Production Committee Beyond

They talked about themselves every time they traveled around the planet.
My past, my family environment, what kind of parents,
What kind of life have you lived so far?
Not past recollections or chats to delve into the character’s impression
In itself, it leads to the root of this work.

Why they had to kill
Why did they get together?
Why were their parents cold to them?
They are disappointed once they learn the shocking facts,
They still stand up.

The connection of nine people born during the journey around the planet,
The existence of a new family leads to the courage to take a step forward.


Image source: From Astra Lost in Space Episode 10
© Kenta Shinohara / Shueisha / Astra Production Committee Beyond

This work makes some kind of misleading from the first episode.
Impressions of their names and the values ​​that are taken for granted by the viewer.
They didn’t say a word from the beginning.
They are complaining that they are going home, they are going home.

What they were aiming for was “Astra” “beyond”.
But at the same time, they also met “Earth-born” astronauts,
There is a gap between their history and her perception of history.
A world that intentionally hides the history and the existence of the “earth”.

For them, they don’t even have the knowledge of “God.”
The concept of religion and the original “country” are gone.
Astronauts from Earth and they are at some point diverging.
The history of World War III and the history of not having World War III.

At the end of 1 course, in 10 episodes, such a ridiculous fact
It becomes clear. Is there another cool?To the illusion
The scale of the story increases in 10 episodes.
And this mislead and hint also leads to the truth of the “sphere” that hit them

This work is a hint that was conceived from the first episode to the final episode
It’s a work that looks like a reverse lookup of the story.
Even the casual lines of the characters are hinted.
I even feel horrified at the final stage when it is collected.

That line that I said brightly, the line in the comedy scene.
The “traitor” can change because his friends remember it.
There is no meaningless line in this work.

An epilogue named the final episode

Image source: From Astra 12 episodes over there
© Kenta Shinohara / Shueisha / Astra Production Committee Beyond

However, the final story is surprisingly easy and happy ending.
Global “lie”, their birth problem, more
It wouldn’t be strange to have a magnificent storyline,
Surprisingly, things are settled easily.

However, the story is so organized that it is too beautiful.
The final episode is almost “epilogue” from the second half.
After a long journey in space, they learned the world and their truth.
Where each goes.

Their happy appearance, which made their dreams come true and grabbed a happy future,
The appearance of heading for a new journey showed a clean ending.


General comment: Foreshadowing recovery of angry waves

Image source: From Astra 12 episodes over there
© Kenta Shinohara / Shueisha / Astra Production Committee Beyond

There is an impeccable story in this work as a whole.
Present the mystery of the story from the first episode and share it with the main characters
Delve into nine attractive characters while letting the viewer explain
To those who are positive and comical though it should be a serious situation
Emotional and relaxed at the final happy ending.

As a mystery element, I used misleading to deceive the viewer well,
Involuntarily groaning “Is that the case?”
A lot of hints, how to use hints that the character’s casual lines lead to later development
Great and purely interesting story.

As an animation, the depiction of outer space at the beginning of episode 1 and
The action scene is drawn firmly,
The acting of the voice actors who play attractive characters is also shining.

If you say the drawback, it is a heavy theme with a surprisingly magnificent setting
There seemed to be another development in the final story, but it was unexpectedly resolved easily.
There is a part that is a little out of tune in the part that became a big circle.
However, considering that the original is a total of 5 volumes, it does not stretch strangely,
It’s finished cleanly.

By all means, I would like you to see this work without seeing too much spoilers.

Personal impression: Review difficult

Image source: From Astra 12 episodes over there
© Kenta Shinohara / Shueisha / Astra Production Committee Beyond

In the case of this work, if it is spoiled, the charm of the work will be halved.
It’s like writing the criminal’s name and trick in a mystery,
It’s too ingenious. Therefore, it was a difficult work to write a review.

After knowing all the “trick” of this work, looking back again,
You should notice the studded lines.
In that sense, by seeing this work twice
It may be a work that you can enjoy 100%.

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