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Assessing the water resistance of Lotus Skin for Apple Watch: Go out, go swimming, go to the rain but don't take a bath

From the early days of Sen's leather strap was sold, I was very eager to own a thread, not because of the style, not because of the material but because of the friendly water that the string was introduced.

Immediately after the purchase, I decided to test the water resistance of the wire by using it as the main cord and not replacing it in any sports activity or use situation. The version I bought is brown wax leather cord, I like this one the most and I think the way to perfect the wax surface also helps the wire to be drier.

I wear the Apple Watch and attach this leather cord to work, go for a jog, go cycling, go swimming and take a shower, just take off at bedtime. The total time I have used this rope is 45 days, from 16/05/2019 to July 1, 2019. There have been a total of 12 jogging tracks; 3 biking tracks and 8 swimming tracks in the lake, the duration of each run, pedal and swim lasts from 30 to 180 minutes. After each jog, cycling is wet in sweat, after each swimming, of course, the water is wet with the pool.

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I also do not carry or pull the clock high when washing my hands, nor do I remove it when taking a bath or washing clothes. In other words, I use it normally as with rubber band, giving the wire direct contact with all cleaning chemicals I use.

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Please see the pattern of the rope that has changed appearance after 45 days of continuous use with water:

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Brown skin has faded away from the first day it was taken. Personally, the more brown the wax, the more beautiful I feel, but the remaining colors don't know what to look like

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The part of the skin where the lock is attached to the hole is curved over time

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The finished part sanding 2 sides of the wire is slightly removed

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The seams are almost intact, without stretching or deforming

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The lock and adapter have no signs of oxidation

After about 20 days of use, the skin starts to smell bad. At first, I thought that the smell of perspiration persisted, but it was actually the smell of shampoo, shower gel and hand sanitizer absorbed into the wire. Detergents penetrate the skin and are trapped rather than released. When you stop contacting these substances and washing them with clean warm water, run out of smell.

My personal comment about Sen's water-friendly cord:

  • Fast draining ability (much faster than traditional leather lining)
  • Dry speed: it takes about 3.5 – 4 hours for the skin to dry completely in a natural way
  • Hair dryers can be used to dry dryly without fear of breaking the glue because the cord uses stitches for the entire edge of the wire and between the two layers of skin without glue
  • Easy to clean with water to clean sweat absorbed into the wire during use
  • The wire will be discolored if used with too much water
  • The wire will smell if exposed to daily cleaning chemicals

I like leather products, especially brown leather but have never chosen a leather strap because I sweat a lot. In addition to my regular sport, having to change and change strings every day makes me feel a bit lost. Lotus leather straps can be considered the best solution today for their needs.

Trần Hoàng Long.

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