Sexual contacts Released after four assaults, he allegedly reoffended

Assault on a police officer The man will have to wait in prison until July

The man who brutally attacked a police officer and disarmed him hopes to be released before his trial, but will have to wait until July for his bail hearing.

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Ali Ngarukiye, 21, was back at the Montreal courthouse on Thursday. He faces serious charges in connection with the assault on Police Officer Sanjay Vig.

The investigation into the release of the “real suspect” of this case which had caused a lot of noise will take place from July 21 to 23.

Many witnesses

As she left the courtroom, her lawyer explained that there were no dates available to proceed more quickly. “There are many witnesses and the prosecution tells us that it will need at least a day to prove itself,” said Me Elfriede Duclervil.

The latter may however take advantage of this period to analyze all the evidence in the file.

“The evidence is voluminous. There was a long investigation, ”she admitted.

Ngarukiye was arrested last week in Toronto, about two months after the January 28 attack in the Parc-Extension neighborhood. Mamadi Fara Camara had been wrongly accused, but the authorities admitted their mistake after keeping him in detention for six days.


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