Prosecution The accused positions himself as a victim

Assault Divorce and $ 17,000 for the violence of her ex-husband

In addition to obtaining a divorce, a Laval resident will receive $ 17,000 from her ex-husband for the beatings and insults she suffered during their union, a judge ruled, recalling that the batterers of women can also be sentenced to death. moment of separation.

“Monsieur insults Madame, yells at her and commits an assault on at least three occasions [poussage, coups, égratignures] and throws him a plate on another occasion, ”explains Judge Stéphane Lacoste in a decision made public Monday in Laval.

The 53-year-old Laval resident, who cannot be named because it is a family file, surely believed he had paid his debt to society when he had been sentenced to a year in prison for assault committed on his wife at the time, in 2017.

In addition to paying with his freedom, he will also have to take out his checkbook at Madame’s request.

Evidence of violence

“It is not often that the court is seized of such claims, despite the importance of domestic violence in our society”, also noted the magistrate.

Thus, the judge noted the criminal conviction of Mr., in a file where he had admitted assault. On the other hand, he did not accept the claims of Madame on other events, including one of kidnapping, for lack of evidence to corroborate his claims.

The judge also deplored the “exaggerations” of the woman and her daughter, who had affirmed that Mr. “shouted all the time” after Madame. But that still did not prevent him from condemning Monsieur, even if he reduced the gravity of the gestures.

Thus, Judge Lacoste pronounced the divorce, with the majority of parenting time in favor of Madame. Mr. will also have to pay child support, in addition to $ 17,000 to his ex-wife “for the physical and psychological family violence he committed against him, with interest. “


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