Assassin's Creed "reveals" two games that are about to be released on Switch

Assassin's’s Creed "reveals" two games that are about to be released on Switch

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According to newly revealed information, there are two games Assassin's’s Creed, detail Black Flag Remastered and Rogue Remastered, will be released on Switch in the near future.

The list of products from a game store in Greece named The Console Club has "accidentally" revealed that the graphic upgrade version of Assassin's’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Assassin's’s Creed: Rogue about to set foot on the switch.

Although no detailed description, but this list has revealed an important information: release date. Both will be on Switch on December 6 this year.

This is not even the first time a Ubisoft game has been "accidentally revealed" by retail stores. The main Assassin's’s Creed III Remastered for Switch has been known to the world before the announcement in this way.

Nintendo Direct news with 40 minutes will be broadcast at 5am tomorrow, Vietnam time. This news is almost as long as Nintendo's news at E3 2019, so it is very likely that we will hear the official information about the two games mentioned above.

Assassin's’s Creed IV: Black Flag set in the golden age of pirates. The player plays the young captain Edward Kenway, when he gets caught up in a fight between the Assassins and the Templars.

Assassin's Creed Rogue takes place between Assassin's’s Creed III and Black Flag, and at the same time the ultimate mission of the game is the beginning of Unity. The player plays the role of Shay, an assassin hunted by the Colonial Brotherhood of Assassins after a failed mission. Shay decides to kill anyone who stands in his way and becomes the greatest killer hunter of all time.

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