Assad secretly shook hands with Israel, ousted Iran from Syria?

Assad secretly shook hands with Israel, ousted Iran from Syria?

According to Dr. Mordechai Kedar wrote in Makor Rishon – one of the major Israeli newspapers, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad now realizes that Iran’s presence in his country is a burden and wants Tehran to leave Syria.

To that end, the Syrian leader will need Israeli involvement and that may be why there are reports that secret communications between the two countries are being established.

Interview with Majdi Halabi

Mordechai Kedar said there have been sporadic reports recently of secret contacts between Israel and Syria aimed at strengthening the relationship.

Among them, an attention-grabbing report was published about a month ago on the Elaph website, the first online newspaper in Arabic, founded in 2001 by two Arab exiles. one from Saudi Arabia and one from Iraq.

The site is known for its high credibility and lack of sensational coverage, and the Arab site even publishes articles by Israeli writers from time to time.

On December 23, 2020, Israeli journalist Majdi Halabi published the interview he gave with one of the officers of the Israel Defense Forces General Staff (IDF).

The unnamed officer described Israel’s actions in Syria and when asked how the Syrian president responded to these activities. The officer replied, “If Assad takes your place, he will say to me: Get a solution.”

Assad was caught in the hands of Israel, and killed Iran in Syria?
The Israeli media are reporting on a Syria-Israel agreement to oust Iran from Syria

The officer stressed that Assad brought the Iranians into Syria so they could solve the IS (terrorist organization “Islamic State”) and the civil war in this country, but once IS is defeated, the Iran’s presence will become a major problem for not only Syria, but also for Russia.

He also revealed that the Russian military attaches often come here every week to hear him talk about this issue.

When Halabi asked, “Did the Russians convey a message from the Syrians to you?”; “Yes, definitely and not just through them,” replied the officer. Syria’s messages come to us continuously, in different ways ”.

When Halabi asked, “What do Syrians want from you?”, He received an answer: “They want to go back to the Arab League and they want to get economic aid, such as fuel. They need money to pay the Iranians to withdraw from Syria and they want to strengthen their regime.

When the journalist Halabi asked, “Do you think that will happen?”, The officer replied: “Sure, we were prepared to reach an agreement with him soon, but it really matters. This has yet to be reported to the IDF leadership or the political world, as it is still at the starting point… The key is indeed having the ability to disrupt Iran’s radical axis. ”

Israel-Syria secret talks on al-Shira newspaper

On January 14, 2021, al-Shira newspaper reported meeting between an Israeli delegation and Assad’s representatives at Russia’s Khmeimim Air Base (Hmeymim) near the port city of Latakia, in the north. Syria. How much of this meeting is unknown, but at least one was held between the representatives of Syria and Israel in Cyprus.

This information was subsequently republished on January 18 in London-based Asharq Al-awsat, which included the names of the people who attended the meeting.

The meeting took place under the chairmanship of General Aleksandr Tchaikov – Commander of Russian forces in Syria and a group of senior Russian officers.

On the Syrian side, the participants included the head of the Syrian National Security Bureau, General Ali Mamlouk and President Assad’s Special Adviser on security and strategic matters, Major General Bassam Hassan.

On the Israeli side, included former IDF Chief of Staff General Gadi Eisenkot and General Ari Ben-Menashe, a former top Mossad official.

The issues that arose during the meeting were reportedly very similar to those raised in the briefings that the General Staff officer discussed in Majdi Halabi’s interview.

The most important issue is that while the details may not be completely accurate or complete, it is clear that there have been initial contacts, and it appears that deep links between Israel and Syria are underway. Proceeding urgently, with many subsequent rounds of discussion.

The source revealed that the future negotiations will also refer to the sovereignty issue of the Golan Heights (if the previous meetings have not been mentioned) and one of the sources said about the possibility of Israel giving Syria control. control of Druze villages on the Golan Heights.

Initially, this information was released made many people surprised and most considered “unbelievable”, but then the analysts have followed the article saying, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are well aware of the new contexts in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, with emphasis on the crucial role that Israel plays. So what are these analyzes? This we will find out in the next articles.

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