Asleep at a red light Police officer dismissed for drinking and driving

Asleep at a red light Police officer dismissed for drinking and driving

Even though his boss was ready to take him back, a policeman was dismissed because he was caught by a citizen sleeping while driving at a red light, his abilities impaired by alcohol.

“It is obvious that Mr. Boucher committed a serious error in judgment which affected his ability to perform his duties as a police officer when he persisted in driving his vehicle after being woken up”, ruled Me Denis Provençal, president. of the Arbitration Tribunal, by upholding the dismissal of Quebec police officer Dominic Boucher.

The officer pleaded guilty in 2017 to impaired driving charges, for events dating back to 2015.

Bad decision

While he was not in office, the latter dozed off to a red light, he who had consumed several beers during a show and in a bar.

He was then convinced that he was able to drive.

Instead of stopping on the side of the road, he continued on his way home, but was intercepted by counterparts from the Sûreté du Québec.

Saying that he understood that Mr. Boucher was “going through a difficult period on a personal level”, while his daughter was ill and that he was experiencing significant marriage problems causing him a lot of fatigue, the arbitrator nevertheless considered that he did not These were not “special circumstances” which would have enabled him to avoid dismissal.

The chef’s confidence

Quebec police chief Robert Pigeon at a press conference.

Photo Stevens LeBlanc

Quebec police chief Robert Pigeon at a press conference.

However, the police chief of Quebec, Robert Pigeon, had “testified that the events did not call into question the confidence which he had in Mr. Boucher and his capacity to remain a police officer”, one can read in the long decision. of 60 pages, recently rendered.

In the past, a few police officers who committed the same fault as Dominic Boucher had been able to remain in the employ of the Quebec City Police Department, generally getting out with suspensions of several months.

“It was the Discipline Committee which made the recommendation to remove Mr. Boucher from his police duties and Mr. Pigeon rallied to it,” says one in the document.

If previously it could be tolerated, a change in mentality in the mode of management of files of this type has taken place, and this was the credibility of the police service, testified in particular a deputy director general of the City.


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