Asian and European carriers announced that they would no longer sell Huawei's new phones

Asian and European carriers announced that they would no longer sell Huawei's new phones

It can be said that President Trump is pushing Huawei's mobile device business into the door. Soon after the announcement of a delay in selling the P30 Lite from two Japanese carriers Soft Bank and KDDI, many Chinese business partners spoke out.

In Taiwan, Chungwa Telecom is the largest operator Nikkei, "will stop importing new Huawei phones". Phone numbers are on sale and in stock will continue business until the end. There is no confirmation about the introduction of new Chinese products later. Apple Daily newspaper also confirmed this information. ETtoday quoted the Taiwanese leader as saying that they will wait for the stable situation to re-evaluate the opportunity to distribute Huawei products. Other operators also made similar announcements to Chungwa. All of them gave reasons for concern about the loss of the right to use the Android operating system and Google services.

Huawei has just launched the P30 series in Japan on May 21, the next day it received bad news

Meanwhile, Korean carrier KT is considering stopping a temporary business with Huawei products. The network operator is selling the P20 Lite and MediaPad M3. In Japan, SoftBank, KDDI and e-commerce company Rakuten all announced to postpone the sale of new phones, initially setting the schedule for release this Friday. This was considered a pain for Huawei, when they just launched the P30 series here on May 21, the next day the partners announced a delay. In Japan, Huawei is the fifth largest phone company with 6.4% market share in 2018. The P20 Lite is the best-selling SIM free Android phone last year.

In Southeast Asia, Advanced Info Services (AIS) said the business would take place normally. They discussed with Huawei and made sure that the device would still receive software updates. In the Philippines, Globe Telecom and PLDT also made similar announcements. Vietnam market, Mobile World and FPT Retail said that they continue to sell Huawei products in their chains. In Indonesia, Telkomsel only said "assessing the situation". Although consumers who have purchased Huawei phones are very bewildered, the company continues to reassure them to ensure the operation of the service throughout all devices. In Australia, Huawei claims Google withdraws Android access licenses without affecting Huawei's tablets and phones in retail stores.

Mate 20 X 5G release plan in Europe has been broken

In Europe, the UK's two largest carriers have announced withdrawal of Mate 20 X 5G from their 5G network launch plan. EE and Vodafone originally planned to offer Huawei phones for 5G networks, which will be released on Wednesday and summer depending on the network. Representatives from BT Group said they were worried about future customer rights, similar to Japanese companies. Europe is Huawei's most important international market.


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