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'Asanzo product is Made in Vietnam'

Reply VTCNews In the morning of June 30, Pham Van Tam said: “We completely deny the view that Asanzo changes its place of production. Asanzo does not deceive consumers into production and is cooperating with authorities to clarify the problem.

Asanzo said that he is working with authorities to clarify the issue of allegedly changing the place of production.

According to Mr. Tam, Asanzo has imported part of its components from abroad but the assembly is completely in Vietnam. All of these products are consumed domestically rather than exported.

“If the law stipulates that goods assembled in Vietnam are not recorded in Vietnam, we will comply. But Asanzo products are imported components from many places, of which about 70% from abroad, we complete the first stage, the last stage, the inspection ensures the regulations on product quality. I affirm, Asanzo's product is Made in Vietnam, ”said President Asanzo.

According to Mr. Tam, about 1 year ago, Asanzo no longer assembled household electrical goods but transferred this product group to partner companies.

“From that time on, there were two product lines with different production places on the market but with modern and Asanzo logos. The first branch includes household electrical appliances assembled by Asanzo in the first half of 2018 and labeled Vietnam. With the second branch, these devices are imported by Vietnamese companies to Vietnam and originated from China, ”said Tam.

In an open letter on the afternoon of June 29, Pham Van Tam said that Asanzo's accounts were frozen, distributors and agents stopped selling, 2,000 jobs were in danger. threaten.

"While waiting for the official conclusion of the authorities, we are committed that in any case, we will guarantee the purchasing rights of customers who have trusted us," said Tam.

Currently many agencies such as the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Industry and Trade have directed their agencies to inspect and verify and clarify the allegations relating to Asanzo selling Chinese-branded goods.

The Prime Minister has also asked relevant ministries and agencies to clarify.

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