Yesterday (2/5) SUZUKI announced a new generation of Hayabusa “Falcon” through an interesting online interactive auto show. The main changes are the appearance, the frame and the most important electronic control. It has not been changed after a long time. The new generation Hayabusa can be said to advance with the times and become smarter. Shortly after the publication, Tai Ling SUZUKI Motorcycle TW’s Facebook fan page posted a post with a photo of the new “Falcon” arriving in Hong Kong, indicating that it has entered the testing phase, and the action is swift. I believe it will be very fast. Bikers in Taiwan can experience the charm of real cars!

Not long after the announcement, the new generation Hayabusa “Falcon” has arrived in Taiwan! (Picture taken from Suzuki Motorcycle TW Facebook)

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The actual vehicle arrives at the port for testing!

As you can see from the picture, the new Hayabusa has arrived in Hong Kong, and the official staff are busy “unpacking”. The post also mentioned that the new Hayabusa has been sent for testing. In 2021, Hayabusa will maintain a displacement of 1,340cc and a maximum horsepower of 190ps. The engine and frame have also been updated. After the introduction of the six-axle IMU, which is common in current high-end models, the race technology will be directly decentralized and the electronic control will be greatly upgraded.

The new generation Hayabusa has arrived in Taiwan and entered the testing phase. (Picture taken from Suzuki Motorcycle TW Facebook)

The new Hayabsua uses a brand-new aluminum alloy frame, which helps to reduce weight.

Abundant electronic controls can be learned from the new pointer hybrid TFT full-color instrument.

Although the current Taiwan price of Hayabusa in 2021 has not been announced yet, seeing the rapid movement of the watch bell, it will be sent to Hong Kong for testing as soon as it is released. Maybe this year you will have the opportunity to see the licensed “Falcon”; and except Hayabusa, don’t forget Also, GIXXER SF 250/GIXXER 250, which is closer to the public, will be officially introduced by the original SUZUKI agent this year. Let’s look forward to it!

The GIXXER SF 250/GIXXER 250 equipped with an oil-cooled engine will also be introduced by the original agent this year, and will also meet you early at the heavy auto show in January.

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