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As expected, China is ready to retaliate against the United States by restricting the export of rare earths

The heat of the My Trung trade war certainly could not cool down in day one or two, but there were signs of more stress, as the Chinese side was ready to retaliate after the US government. , US corporations and allied countries began to isolate Huawei, China's giant technology group. There have been rumors given by Bloomberg that China is ready to limit rare earth exports to the US, and at the same time blacklist "unreliable units" targeting Western corporations.

At the same time, Japan's SoftBank operator announced a partnership with Nokia and Ericsson to deploy the 5G telecom network in the country of Cherry Blossom, bypassing its partner who helped them build the previous 4G telecommunications network, Huawei.

According to Bloomberg, China will only use the ban on exporting rare earths to the US in case "the trade war becomes worse", but the Chinese government is very willing to do this, not just to frighten the West for fear. One of the Chinese rare earth products exported to the US is neodymium, which is used to create magnets in headphones, external speakers for technology devices, and many other components. Many observers and analysts say that, besides China, almost no quality and abundant source of neodymium can be found.

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In short, easy to understand, in the worst case scenario, China stopped exporting neodymium, the newly purchased smartphone will probably be "deaf" because there are no external speakers. But that is very unlikely because most smartphones are assembled in China, or at least the neighboring countries like Indonesia or India by Chinese or Taiwanese corporations like Foxconn or Pegatron. Not selling rare land to these corporations is no different from Chinese people harming Chinese people.

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One thing to keep in mind, on the Chinese side list, the language used is very similar to the US Department of Security and Industry's "list of hostile nations", in which parallels including Huawei. It's like the two factions are retaliatory, because no matter what, many corporations like Google or Facebook are already banned in China, adding to the dread. This list lists these "Foreign businesses, organizations and individuals do not comply with market laws, violate contracts to block, cut supplies for non-commercial reasons, or cause serious consequences for the legitimate interests of those Chinese company", verbatim is like that, according to China National Radio.

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