As Americans experience the color revolution ...

As Americans experience the color revolution …

The Color Revolution on Capitol Hill?

Supporters of the current US President Donald Trump, demanding a reconsideration of the November 3, 2020 election, gathered from all parts of the United States to Washington on January 6 “judgment day”. They swept into Congress and caused riots described unprecedented in American history.

US MPs, from the “steel lady” of House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to Vice President Mike Pence had to evacuate the emergency. Many American congressmen later said they were really worried for their lives in the chaos on Capitol Hill, the story seemed to only happen in places where America, more or less, directly or indirectly. has caused the color revolutions.

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The unbelievable scene happened at Capitol Hill on January 6

Analysts say that what happened in the US on the night of January 6 reminds the events of power changes in third world countries. Similar events in the post-Soviet space like those in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine with Maidan protests are also involved.

Although there was no “overthrow” and Democratic candidate Joe Biden was officially confirmed the victory, becoming the 46th President of the United States when the US bicameral parliament reunited later. However, the events on Capitol Hill partly show that the color revolutionary “industry” was applied in America itself.

To confirm Mr. Biden’s victory, Democrat strategists went the usual way of provoking using social manipulation techniques, analysts say. The US congressional attack has cost Mr. Trump a lot of things.

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Protesters tried to spill into the US Congress

After the riots on the night of January 6, a series of high-ranking officials in Trump’s cabinet resigned. Democrats simultaneously accused Mr. Trump of inciting violence and demanded the activation of the 25th Amendment to remove him.

There is information circulating that on January 6, the “architects” of this event put people in the crowd. These people activated the crowd’s subconscious reflex mechanisms (infecting and imitating), inciting protesters to take over the Parliament building. The agitators mixed into the crowd and shown to be Mr. Trump’s most fervent supporters.

The remarkable point is that according to the “scenario” of the American style, the person considered the main “victim” in this event could not speak up, could not explain. Major social networks in the US including Youtube, Facebook have deleted the status lines of the “victim”, and Twitter has blocked the account temporarily.

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Police and security forces entrenched inside the US Congress building

In addition to information about five people killed in the Capitol Hill riots, the US channel CNN also said National Guard soldiers found and dismantled an explosive device before the building was occupied by protesters. . The timing of finding this device is very important because it does not exclude the possibility that someone has deliberately installed the explosive device to “wait” for protesters to enter.

Another tool may have been used when it was understood that Democrats have influence over the media. Mr. Trump himself during the past 4 years has always been in a war with a series of “big” media, both officially and socially in America. It seems that the color-revolution “industries” that were tested in other countries are now being applied to the United States itself.

America is out of date?

There are many different perspectives on the night of January 6 in the US Congress. There are many opinions that focus on the individual President Trump, but analysts give a broader view. Accordingly, the crowd on Capitol Hill was the result of a serious split in the heart of American society. The fact that the losing side repeatedly denies and attacks the election results will leave a mark in the long run, posing a challenge to the authority of the Biden administration.

If the cyber attacks accused by US officials came from “outside”, then the Capitol Hill riot event was an attack coming from “inside”, from America’s own contradictions. There are even opinions that the US political system has “degraded”.

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Will the spark of conflict in the heart of America continue to burn?

China’s Global Times said that the real problem that caused the US headaches was that its elites were too “arrogant”, confident that America’s democracy was still superior to its political system. other countries. Meanwhile, American politicians are said to be “selfish” because they are not willing to take the lead in promoting reform. Instead, they just shouted out loud clich├ęs about “change” or “we can”.

The “amazing” thing described by the Chinese newspaper was that the American elites did not intend to contemplate the domestic institutional chaos but were still interested in attacking other countries. According to this newspaper, America needs reform, it needs to be “daring and inward”.

On January 8, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) announced a reward of up to $ 50,000 for information that could help lead to the location, arrest and conviction of the perpetrator of pipe bombing in political party headquarters. large US in the capital Washington.

Meanwhile, a statement by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) posted on Twitter on January 8 said law enforcement had received a January 6 report on two suspicious devices, one at the Republican National Committee headquarters and one at the Democratic National Committee. The attached notice shows a suspect wearing a mask, gloves and a hood, carrying an object. The FBI announced a bounty of up to $ 50,000 for information that could lead to the location, arrest and conviction of the perpetrator of pipe bombing in the headquarters of major US political parties in Washington, DC.

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Pictures of the Maidan violent demonstration in Ukraine in February 2014

Earlier, on January 7, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had countered the comments of foreign critics and former President George W. Bush accused the attack on Capitol Hill that showed the United States was a ” banana republic “. This is a political science term used to refer to a politically volatile Latin American country with an economy heavily dependent on the export of a certain finite product, such as bananas. And minerals have a serious social division with the poor working class and the rich elite. The US Secretary of State wrote on Twitter, saying: “That slander shows a misinterpretation of the banana republics and democracies in the US”.

On the same day 7/1, speaking to TASS, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said Moscow considers the events in Washington on January 6 to be an internal issue of the US and hopes the American people to pass the stage. This dramatic history.

Ms. Zakharova stressed: “This is an internal US affair. However, we are interested in the fact that the electoral system in the US is outdated and does not meet modern democratic standards, creating loopholes for many violations and American media outlets have become instruments of political fighting, which is why the social divide is now being seen in the US We hope the American people keep their dignity. price, surpassing this dramatic moment in their own history “.

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