As a driver, remember to turn off the air conditioner at the right time

Air conditioning is one of the most important things when driving, but in some cases in order to continue or prolong the life, drivers must sacrifice comfort and continue the journey.

When the car is turned off

This is true of older cars when the electronic technologies were rudimentary in order to reduce the pressure on the batteries. However, with today’s cars, this is no longer a problem because the ECUs are programmed to optimize for this.

But with hot weather in the tropics, the driver should turn off the air conditioner 1-2 minutes in advance or adjust the temperature close to the outside level, switch to the fan mode with the purpose of allowing the body to gradually adapt to the heat. outside environment to avoid heat shock when getting off the car.

On the other hand, the switch to the fan mode also helps to dry and evaporate the moisture in the airways to avoid the accumulation of moisture, causing the smell of mold.

When going through the floodplain

With popular and cheap cars, or cars with small engine capacity, turning off the air-conditioner makes the engine work better because flooded areas have a lot of energy that requires high traction to be able to pass. . Otherwise, it will easily cause engine drowning, causing water to overflow.


On the other hand, the air conditioner always has a ventilation fan to get the air, if unfortunately the water level that is right next to the air intake will accidentally turn into a water pump into the engine, even garbage in the engine compartment.

When climbing the pass

With old cars, small capacity vehicles, low engine capacity, climbing the pass is relatively difficult, turning off the air-conditioner, letting the blower to help the car converge better power when traction is needed. Usually the mountain pass areas are cool, so it won’t feel too uncomfortable by the outside temperature.


However, with long, winding slopes should not drive too long, stop for a bit to give the engine time to think and the driver also less tired. Because driving a small motorbike, driving usually takes more effort than a large motorcycle.

When the gas is running low

Unfortunately, if the car is nearly out of gas, and the gas station does not have one, not only the air conditioner but also the driver should turn off all electrical devices such as charging ports, entertainment screens, radios, … to reduce the load on the generator. Because generators operate based on the rotation of the engine.


As a result, the engine only works about its intended purpose. At this time, it is still a bit cold, you should turn the fan on low to keep the branches cold for as long as possible. The accelerator pedal should be gentle to feel the quietest rpm so the car has a moderate fuel consumption to reach the nearest gas station. Normally, on most models today, when the gas needle points to the red line or the indicator light shows, it is possible to operate an additional 30-50 km on standard conditions.


In fact, the air conditioner is one of the important experience systems for all occupants in the car, so it is necessary to pay attention to proper maintenance care, not simply spraying dust instead of the filter. If possible, replacing the air filter from a reputable third party will filter the air filter odor better, and should take steps to thoroughly clean this system at reputable and stormy facilities in accordance with the car manufacturer’s standards.


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