Artist Trinh Tuan - Artist Cong Kim Hoa: When two souls share the same rhythm for 7 minutes to read

Artist Trinh Tuan – Artist Cong Kim Hoa: When two souls share the same rhythm for 7 minutes to read

We have many similarities with each other and there … art is like a thread connecting the whole family’s soul.

“The beauty of love always gives us a lot of emotions and when it hits the art lane, everything will flourish.”– Italian critic, Luca Beatrice have expressed that when talking about The Kiss of the artist Klimt Gustav.

I want to borrow that statement because, the artist and his wife Trinh Tuan – Cong Kim Hoa There are empathy in art with Gustav, and that romance was shown by the two artists in everyday life, not too fussy but simple things that many people admire.

Referring to the paintings in Ha Thanh, perhaps no one does not know the couple Trinh Tuan – Cong Kim HoaIn addition to being the soul-blewers of lacquered lacquer works, grandparents are also known as dedicated teachers, painter Trinh Tuan is currently a lecturer at Industrial Fine Arts University, while Artist Cong Kim Hoa is sowing art preschools to children at Bee Art Club.

Those little feelings were cherished by the artist and his wife little by little and gathered to create a warm feeling that filled the studio space. Talking with my grandparents, I myself was allowed to expand many things and there the love story was not only limited to men and women, but also extended from normal definitions, it is art, is work, place and, above all, family.

And to begin today’s story, perhaps nothing more exciting than at the place where they had their first feelings, the place that drew these two strangers together and became the bond of until now – love of Art

“We come to art as a predestined relationship”

Get acquainted with art from a young age and have a good relationship with Lac Lac since 1994, but before that, both of them studied different majors, with painter Trinh Tuan is industrial design and painter Gong Jinhua is a specialty ceramic.

They are attracted to lacquer by their character ‘secret’, containing a wealth of energy, offers unlimited interesting experiences and inspiration to artists who have fallen in love with this art.

Love Is Where You Are – 80 × 160 (2 panels) 2007-2020 – Lacquer – Trinh Tuan

Grandparents shared:“What fascinated us first was the uniqueness of this material, a material not available in many countries. The uniqueness comes from the diverse color effects, with multi-layered painting and color grinding at the bottom to create flatness for the picture, the effect comes from the unpredictability. This is the interesting point and makes the lacquer attractive. “

With the artist Trinh Tuan, he always brings a unique color palette and extremely rich dither, helps the spectrum of lacquer go further than the traditional, perhaps partly from the specialty he is trained.

Viewers themselves always have very special feelings when seeing the works of painter Trinh Tuan. There one sees memories, like a journey into the depths of the soul. Somewhere are the roofs of old Hanoi, side by side through many rainy seasons and also the image of sincere people, bringing the contemplative and depressing features of time.

Different from my husband, painter Gong Jinhua again ‘Walk around’ on abstract colors that attract and evoke distinctive images.

More than 30 years together, their love for art and especially lacquer is indeed vast, they stick with this art every day, putting in it their mind, giving away emotions in the brightest of me. And then those emotions are crystallized on the panels, at first just a plain black color, but through the talented hands of the two grandparents they become radiant and full of charm.

The predestined relationship from the art connects the whole family’s soul

When asked if art has linked this predestined relationship, painter Trinh Tuan said that it is true but not all, there are similarities, and possibly lacquer.

“We have many similarities. Both born in Hanoi, living in an educational environment as well as learning art from a young age, working in a pedagogical environment, …

Destiny has painted a colorful family life picture that as artist Cong Kim Hoa said “To give parents sweet, passionate melodies, imbued with love of nature and love of family, Our eldest son has completed a picture of nature filled with the clear light of trees and leaves, and the little girl sends her love in a musical piece for piano called ‘Garden’ (Piano concertino “ Garden ”)

“Those are priceless gifts the children give to their parents on a special occasion: a time more than 35 years ago – a love begins. We are proud and happy for this, and now our children and ‘friends’ share art with us in life and work. ”

Family is above allThe place where each of us retreats, whether sad or happy, despite going through many turbulent waves, the most peaceful place is on the porch.

And that has always been more evident in these days – the reunion. Peaceful but memorable memories, family together at New Year’s Eve, the young children are allowed to sit on their father’s shoulders to watch colorful fireworks and the sound of New Year’s Eve and where There is warmth in the space of the aroma of spreading aroma.

The journey will probably stop here, but surely in the future, we will meet again, with young people who are passionate about painting in general and lacquer in particular, be patient and calm, always learning. and constantly being creative. Experiencing with lacquer material is VONOUS, experience more to know the different colors of life today. I wish you – iDesign readers a new year full of energy, rich in creativity and spirit.

Thank you painter Trinh Tuan and painter Cong Kim Hoa for taking the time to talk to iDesign readers, we would like to wish you both a lot of health to continue this exciting journey to discover lacquer.

Some other works of
Artist Trinh Tuan | Artist Cong Kim Hoa

Implementation: Hoang
Photo: Artist Trinh Tuan

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