Artist Andhika Muksin reimagines the 'humorous' way Disney cartoons are 'actually made' 3 minutes to read

Artist Andhika Muksin reimagines the ‘humorous’ way Disney cartoons are ‘actually made’ 3 minutes to read

Have you ever seen a movie with amazing special effects and wondered how it was created? And artist Andhika Muksin also asked similar questions to Disney’s cartoons.

A longtime fan of classics like The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, Muksin has created a series of behind-the-scenes illustrations that show how these films would have been made if they were real live.

“I’ve been a huge Disney fan since I was a kid,” Muksin shared with My Modern Met. “Also, I’ve always been passionate about art and illustration and I even had time as an artist in my late 20s before settling down as an office job. So I think it was about time that I started to combine my interests into one: art and Disney. It’s a way that allows me to bring that childhood magic into my adulthood, imagining all these characters dealing with real situations in a fun, humorous way. ”

Muksin take the most iconic segments from Disney cartoons and redraw them with easy-to-understand humor. For example, instead of a truly charming Prince, Cinderella is holding a cardboard. And the powerful Genie from Aladdin turned out to be a man with makeup and yawns in front of a green screen. Even the adorable princess Ariel is “revealed” not to be a real mermaid, but as a girl who hides her legs in front of the camera.

Translator: Nam Vu

Source: mymodernmet

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