Arkansas became the first state to ban transsexual surgery on children

Arkansas became the first state to ban transsexual surgery on children

On Tuesday (April 6, US time), Arkansas became the first state in the US to ban transgender surgery and sex hormone treatment for children under 18. The Arkansas Parliament voted to reject Governor Asa Hutchinson’s veto.

Arkansas Parliament Building at Little Rock. (Source: Google Maps)

The Arkansas House of Representatives voted 71-24 and the Arkansas Senate voted August 25 on April 6 to dismiss Governor Hutchinson’s veto on Measure H.1570, also known as the SAFE Act. years from Test). The act will go into effect 90 days after the Arkansas Parliament enters the April 30 vacation, according to wmcactionnews5.

The SAFE Act will prohibit physicians and health care professionals from providing transgender procedures for people under the age of 18 or from referring these minors to other health care professionals for use. using the sex change service. Medical providers who violate this law may face disciplinary action from their respective licensing organization or from the disciplinary review board.

Congress [Arkansas] is deeply concerned that the medical community is allowing individuals experiencing distress of their biological sex determination to be the subject of non-genital transgender surgery or transgender removal surgery. permanent genital area, despite the lack of studies showing the benefits gained from these extreme interventions outweigh the risks involved.“, According to the content of the bill.

In vetoing the bill last week, Governor Hutchinson argued that signing the bill would be “beyond the authority of the government“. The law would be, he said, “Begins for legislators to intervene in healthcare and set legal standards that go beyond healthcare“.

However, the Family Council – a group based in Arkansas has said that the state Legislative move is “the right decision”.

This group writes: “This is really good news. Sex-change surgeries can cause children to be permanently sterilized and leave scars for life. Medical researchers do not know the long-term effects these procedures and therapies have on children. That is why many people equate them with child testing. This good law will protect Arkansas children from transgender processes. We appreciate their leadership [các nhà lập pháp], their courage and determination to do the right thing. This is the historical law. Arkansas people should be proud of their leaders because they are doing the right thing by passing the SAFE Act into law. “

Arkansas House Republican Rep. Robin Lundstrum – who leads the group of parliamentarians that sponsors the SAFE Act – said: “This measure really protects minors from the torment and pressure to make older decisions when they are not ready. So the people who claim to oppose this bill are dishonest, and either they have not read the bill or they are putting fundraising in the best interests of the children.

Transgender advocates such as the Arkansas-based inTRANSitive group initiated a campaign to pressure Governor Hutchinson to veto the SAFE Act. Several other radical groups are also opposed to the passage of this bill.

The American Civil Liberties Federation (ACLU) has released a statement saying they will file a lawsuit in court to prevent the Arkansas bill from going into effect.

Arkansas ACLU CEO Holly Dickson stated that “This struggle is not over” and affirmed, “We will file a lawsuit to challenge this law in court.“.

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