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Ark OS is not the last name of the operating system developed by Huawei

Huawei has confirmed that it is working on its own operating system for mobile devices to replace Android.

In the past few weeks, some rumors suggest that Huawei's new OS will be one of the names like "Ark OS" or "HongMeng OS". However, according to the latest report from Global Times, it seems that the mobile operating system that Huawei is developing will be named "Oak OS".

Specifically, looking at its latest post on Twitter, the Global Times said the operating system that Huawei is developing to replace Android on its mobile devices will be called "HongMeng OS". in Chinese market. When used on smartphones in other markets it will be called "Oak OS" instead of "Ark OS" as some previous rumors said.

Besides, if Globaltimes's source is correct, the new Oak OS operating system is currently being tested by Huawei. And it is expected that it will be officially released on Chinese manufacturers' smartphones by August or September, which is the time of Huawei's 90-day suspension from the US trade ban. finish.

Reportedly, Huawei is said to have started developing its own operating system since 2012. Google's cessation of cooperation with Huawei after the ban from the US government seems to have made Chinese technology firm accelerate the birth. of the new operating system.

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