Ariston water heater of any country? Is it good?

Ariston heater from Italian brand is trusted by Vietnamese people. However, some users still wonder if Ariston water heaters are good. So let’s go look for more information right now to make the right purchase.

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  • Ariston water heater is a brand of any country?
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  • Should you use Ariston water heater?
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Ariston water heater is a brand of any country?

Ariston is a famous brand of Italy, was established in 1960. This is the first water heater series imported into Vietnam market. After more than 30 years of expanding the market in Vietnam, Ariston water heater brand has received extremely positive feedback from customers.

Ariston heater is designed in Italian style so the design is beautiful, applies modern technology from Europe and is polished in every detail, so it has many advantages: 100% titanium bar, has a mechanical knob to adjust the temperature accurately, safety control IC, ECO EVO mode to help save energy, promising to bring consumers the best products.

Evaluation of the features of Ariston heater

Ariston water heater uses 100% Titanium durable bar

There are many types of hot and cold water heater on the market using stainless steel bars so the durability is poor and the heat is long. And the Ariston heater is equipped with 100% copper bar and 100% Titanium bar, so it gives fast heating effect, durable use with time and excellent anti-scale.

Rossi R20DI

100% Titanium combustion rods have the advantage of absolute corrosion resistance. In addition, the product of Ariston heater is also designed with a continuous circuit to automatically check all parameters of the machine, ensuring maximum safety for users.

There are many levels of hot water temperature adjustment

All Ariston water heaters are equipped with knobs to adjust the hot water temperature. Depending on the purpose of use, users can select the desired heating temperature level.

Apply ECO EVO technology to save electricity

The hot water body is designed with thick thermal insulation layer to keep the hot water longer for a long time. In addition, the device also uses ECO EVO technology with European standards that can remember the usage habits, automatically calculate the most suitable hot water and temperature, helping to save up to 14% and reach the 5-star standard. energy saving.

Automatic power off and automatic water heating

When you choose the required water temperature level, the kettle will automatically heat the water until the set temperature level is reached. When the water in the kettle is lower than the set temperature, the kettle will automatically re-heat to help users always have hot water to use. This function helps to reduce power waste and bring convenience to users.

Diverse designs

Ariston heater has 2 main types: indirect heater and direct heater. Designs are mainly square, cylindrical and rectangular will fit any size of the bathroom.

Ariston SB35E-VN

Other preeminent features

  • Ariston heater is elegant black and white color, suitable for all bathroom interiors.
  • Binh has many different volume levels to suit the needs of users such as families, offices, motels, hotels, Spa centers, gyms …
  • There is an ELCB system to help prevent electrical leakage effectively, ensuring safety when used in wet environments.

Should you use Ariston water heater?

Ariston heater is the oldest on the domestic market and abroad. Ariston hot and cold shower machine series is trusted by Vietnamese people because of its superior quality, high safety, attractive price, and beautiful designs, so it is worth choosing for families.

Ariston AN LUX 6 BE 1.5 FE 6 liters

Depending on the size of the bathroom, the number of members and the cost you can choose the Ariston heater model accordingly.

Refer to some of the best selling Ariston water heaters on the market

Where to buy Ariston water heaters cheap, quality?

Network Administrator will tell you 2 reputable sales addresses:

  • META Hanoii: Số 56 Duy Tân, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
  • META TP.HCM: 716-718 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 10, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

You can buy directly at the address or buy Online by visiting the website To order online or contact the hotline at Hanoi: HCM: For advice, dedicated purchase support, fast as well as delivery and collection of money at home nationwide most convenient!

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